Five Video Clips from Afghan Diaspora

For Usinesonore Festival 2018 in La Neuveville, Switzerland, on June 2, 2018, Norient collaborated on the creation of an Afghan evening by curating a documentary, a round table, and a party with DJ and Rapper Ismael Hares alias Black Afghan Soundsystem. On this occasion, Norient has reactivated the series Five Video Clips from… and asked Ismael Hares to select his favorite songs that rock every Afghan wedding. His choice: five music videos from the Afghan diaspora in Germany, Canada and the U.S.

Artist: Valy
Track: Panjsher Berawem (Qarsak)

Valy, born in Iran with Afghan parents, but raised in Heidelberg (Germany) is one of the most popular Afghani singers. In this song, Valy is singing about Panjsher, a very well-known place in Afghanistan. He sings about the beauty of its environment, which makes this region so special. He mixes Afghani traditional beats with electro elements.

Artist: Aria Band
Track: Jigar Jigar

On Afghan wedding parties in Germany, these two artists from Cologne are the hottest act right now. In «Jigar Jigar», they mix original Afghani beats with Persian strings and arrangements. They sing about a beautiful woman and how they go crazy for her attractive style. They fall in love with her and try to get in contact with her.

Artist: Sameera Nasiry
Track: Yade Tu

Sameera Nasiry, born in Kabul, but living in San Diego California, is one the few female singers in Afghan pop music culture. She's a newcomer and stands out with a real western sound. In her lyrics she remembers her love and is looking forward to see him soon.

Artist: Saboor Tabish
Track: Qataghani

Saboor Tabish is a famous Afghan wedding DJ living in Toronto. His song «Qataghan» refers to the name of a province in Afghanistan. Qataghani is also a special way of dancing and a type of rhythm in Afghanistan with a long history. The lyrics are about the beauty of dancing to it and of course the beauty of this region in Afghanistan.

Artist: Farhad Shams
Track: Qadake beland

Farhad Shams is a renown Afghan singer, songwriter and musician living in Cologne, Germany. At the age of five he was already performing in children TV channels broadcasted through Afghanistan national television. His song «Qadake beland» must be played at every Afghani party or event. It combines classic Afghani beats with some modern synthesizers. In the lyrics, the singer talks about the tallness of a special woman and how he is falling in love with her.


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