Five Video Clips from Sweden

I was raised on pasulj, sisterhood and MTV, so this list was a pleasure to do. I really love music videos. As an artist myself, (who shamelessly put her own damn video on the top of the list) I find making music videos incredibly exciting because you've got to – in collaboration with other creatives – translate your music into visuals which enhances you as an artist. I didn't limit myself solely on music videos and I think the selection below showcases the diverse and fascinating creative scene in Sweden. See five video clips from other countries in our ongoing videclip series here.


Artist: Gnučči
Track: WORK!

I tend to be drawn to music videos that have the perfect balance between aggression, a good sense of humor and an entertaining performance by the artist which I think me and the director, Roxy Farhat nailed in this video. I also find the editing to be super-tight, I think that makes this video the slickest weirdo.


Artist: Ison & Fille
Track: Langa Fram

This video is perfection! Ison & Fille are one of the most exciting artists in Sweden. I admire acts that evolve what and how they deliver music but keep their delivery genuine so it comes across as effortless and personal even when it's done in an «unusual» way, and that is how I experience Ison & Fille and this video by Måns Nyman.


Artist: Zhala
Track: I'm In Love

I've always been intrigued and hypnotized by braiding, it's like a likkle dance between all the fingers. There are a lot of dancing fingers in this video which I love. I also love the fact that the video is strong and emotional at the same damn time. It makes me cry and empowers me at the same damn time! It matches Zhala as an artist, she's magical.


Artist: Trio Electromondo
Track: Limpia la Casa

Trio Electromondo are a performance group and if you are impressed by the video as I am, you will also be blown away by their live performance. I salute them: Performers that are strong and direct in their expression, no matter how they express it.


Artist: Erik Linghede
Performance: HOLD

This is a trailer for a dance performance choreographed by Erik Linghede called «HOLD» and it is beautiful. If you don't appreciate this video you basically don't have feelings.


Dance Artist: JUCK
Music Artist: Dschinnjah
Music Track: Kotellet & Zadak

Powerful pelvis poppin'! In their own words: «JUCK is Swedish and means ‹hump›. JUCK is about freedom of expression, sexuality, having fun and expanding perspectives on femininity and gender.»

Published on December 24, 2014

Last updated on April 06, 2020


Ana Rab, better known by her stage name Gnučči is an exuberant vocalist/rapper/performer/songwriter, quickly on the rise, establishing a name for herself with her unique take of club music. You could call it rap. Some call it tropical bass. It is undeniable dance music, but it’s also pop for a new decade, rich with many textures and sounds. Most simply put, Gnučči uses her interest in a wide field of styles and musical spaces to make bombastic bass-oriented songs.
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