Five Video Clips From Australia

For the first time we are heading to the Australian continent for our videoclip series. Melbourne based video producer Jean Poole compiled a selection from Down Under between basketball court and sci-fi animation. See five video clips from other countries in our ongoing videclip series here.


Artist: Magic Hands
Track: Limousine
Director: Alex Badham

Gorgeously shot - maybe the best creepy basketball court video you’ll watch today.


Artist: Violent Soho
Track: Saramona Said
Director: Dan Graetz

A very clever one shot video - made with Mad Max car-cutting ingenuity and high end motion controllers (Check out the behind the scenes video).


Artist: Club Feet
Track: Everything You Wanted
Director: Josh Thomas (Oh Yeah Wow)

Cute, mesmerising effect - later copied by no less than One Direction (see here).


Artist: Audego
Track: Sleepy
Director: Paul Rhoes (Negative Films)

Lovely Melbourne duo - given a wonderful sci-fi animation treatment.


Artist: Oscar Key Sung
Track: All I Could Do
Director: Tristan Jallah

Three dimensional compositing fun!

Published on December 17, 2014

Last updated on April 09, 2020


Jean Poole is a video producer based in Melbourne, Australia. Key interests: compositing animation + video together, real-time audiovisual performance, video in theatre. He has projected video onto 100 million year old dinosaur skeletons, car wrecks in the Australian desert, onto Turkey’s Cappadocia cliffs, and performed at the Sydney Opera House.
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