Five Video Clips from South Africa Vol. 2

We still remember very well, when South African house DJ Aero Manyelo visited Norient last year in Berne, Switzerland. When we watch his video list below about some South African clips below, we immediately remember how he made us all dancing to his beats. This list is really shaped by the South African house, called kwaito, which is currently ruling the townships. See also «5 Video Clips from South Africa Vol. 1», compiled by Xander Ferreira and five video clips from other countries in our ongoing videclip series here.


Artist: Aero Manyelo & Qhizzo
Track: Bum Jive

Being part of the producers on this song made me feel like I was also born in the 60's, I really like the Kwaito flow and the chorus is just super amazing.


Artist: Mash O
Track: The Village

Young talent will always be available in South African dance scene, but only few of them will be unique and always try something new, that's Mash O for you.


Artist: CrazyWhite Boy
Track: What You Do 2 Me

One of my all time mentors. They really know how to touch my heart when they start composing music. I've been following them since 2008.


Artist: Spoek Mathambo
Track: Awufuni

When we talk about South African best song writer, producer, etc., we are talking about Spoek Mathambo. I was so surprised when I heard this song, Spoek can really surprise you in different ways.


Artist: Aero Manyelo
Track: Rabo Dlegha

Last but not least, this video shows you how I live my life somedays after coming back from a gig at around 6 am, where sleeping will be just wasting your time. This video was shot when I came back from a gig. I came back around 6:30 am and our director PJ was already waiting at my house. He told me, that there's no time to sleep on earth.

Published on December 08, 2014

Last updated on April 05, 2020


Eric Manyelo aka Aero Manyelo was born in Zebediela, Limpopo in 1987. At age five his family moved to Ivory Park where he grew up. He developed a strong love for music due to his father, who introduced him into jazz. He later studied at Johannesburg Central College where he completed his Matric. His career as a producer / DJ started when he got his first PC and started making demos. Those demos’s soon made it to the doors of Soul Candi, who invited him to study Sound Engineering, and later BlackwHole Entertainment, who released his first EP called «Herbal Island».
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