Five Video Clips from South Africa Vol. 1

by Xander Ferreira

Norient asked me to send a collection of my favourite video clips from my home country South Africa. I offer you seven clips.

Xander Ferreira aka Gazelle from South Africa


Artist: Dirty Parrafin
Track: Drip Dry

Dirty Parrafin is the now of South African hip hop. They are one of the few artists that decided to do their own South African sound and not try too hard to strive to the American commecrcial Hip Hop Sound. Love these guys! They are currently busy with a project with Yasiin Bey. So surely they will cause some bigger waves soon.


Artist: aKING
Track: Safe as Houses

One of my favorite Rock bands from SA and favorite videos from the past years. When I saw this video the first time I felt that the industry in SA just took a leap forward with quality in music videos. This band has a ton of great songs and videos.


Artist: Motèl Mari
Track: Just Like a King

Some friends Joao Orecchia and Mpumi form the Blk Jks made this amazing visual video for their new collaboration Motel Mari. I love the fact that these guys are doing their own thing. They really represent an aesthetic that is going down in Joburg Central.


Artist: Die Heuwels Fantasties
Track: Die Volkslied

One of the big Afrikaans pop bands in SA. Good friends of mine that has made it in so many various musical projects. This video feels like a great little insight into a part of Afrikaans South African culture.


Artist: The BLK JKS
Track: Molalatladi

Some of my good friends in the SA music scene. I chose this video since it is very similar to the previous video but for another cultural group in SA. I love the energy in the song and video. The train surfers are just incredible. Any video gimmick just rarely beats the real life over the top experiences that is documented.


Artist: The Brother Moves On
Track: EPK 2012

One of the bands in South Africa that I believe most musicians respect the most at this moment. An incredible bunch of artists that has just played it and not given in to the commercial world of the industry.

Artist: Umlilo
Track: The Elements

Published on October 04, 2013

Last updated on April 07, 2020


Xander Ferreira is a South African conceptual artist exploiting various mediums ranging from staged performance, installation, photography, video and sound to manifest social statement or inspiration. Hailing from a farm near the border of Mozambique, Xander Ferreira always knew that his future lay in the world of creative expression, something that he has tirelessly pushed to new limits. Growing up in the thick of political unrest and cultural divergence not only opened his mind, but also his sound, to the diversity and the originality that make his musical project Gazelle the enfant terrible of music. Collaborations stretch as far and wide as Peaches to The Bloody Beetroots. Combining the worlds of Visual Arts and Musical Performance. Currently Xander has teamed up with acclaimed singer Findlay Brown to create The Happy Show which is an international event focussing rare African music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and exploring current African music.
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