Five Video Clips from Singapore

We ask the Singapore-based audio-visual collective Syndicate to give us a short insight to some video clips from their country. What they sent us, is a highly varied journey through beautiful and well produced pictures and some lo-fi aesthetics. We even stop by the Taoist Disneyland of Haw Par Villa.


Artist: Vandetta
Track: Fly

Directed by celebrity photographer Kevin Ou, starring dancer Aye Hasagawa, Singapore's songstress Vandetta took a year off to record her music in Los Angeles. While she was there, she took the opportunity to head out to the Salton Sea to shoot the video for her first single on the Syndicate label entitled «Fly». The director's vision of the video echoes the escapism theme that runs through all of Vandetta’s music.


Artist: Tiramisu
Track: Snug

«Snug» was shot on an analog Lomography LomoKino 35mm Movie Camera with 7 rolls of 35mm film, and made for Lomography Society International's Blue Hour Sessions which brings together bands and graphic artists in a creative collaboration. The music and the video brings you back to the days of just being kids. We love the costumes and creatures!


Artist: O$P$
Track: Ghost Vision

Perhaps the best video that could possibly be made by the weird cross-cultural lenses of gonzo expatriate animators in what could be the most storied location in Singapore. The Taoist Disneyland of Haw Par Villa is the backdrop for the glitchy, post-internet interpretations of celestial deities getting down to some serious crunk.


Artist: Afiq Omar
Track: Ferreum

One of the first of a series of exquisitely edited experimental shots by Afiq Omar. It combines exotic ferrofluid along with found objects craft various footage that uses the properties of ferromagnetism to it's potential, creating otherworldly macro environments that draws you into it's movements.


Artist: Kiat (Video: Marie Schuller)
Track: Dice Kayek A/W 2014

Fashion Film? Music Video? The line does not exist in Kiat's world as he contribute his dark beats towards UK based Marie Schuller's artistic and brilliant fashion film for Dice Kayek. We think there's a lot of exciting possibilities in this area, combining artistry from different fields for a piece of beautiful AV experience.


Artist: Monstercat (Video: Brandon Tay)
Track: Take Me To Love

A fuzzy love song to splatterpunk film 4Chan, «the weird side of youtube», and cats. This video is a sprawling, incoherent journey through corrupted movie torrents of strange films, idiot-savant usages of 3d CGI, and a taking the internet's preoccupation with LOLcats to a ridiculous tangent.

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