Five Video Clips from Senegal

by Jenny Fatou Mbaye

«Alien Zik, AliBeta, I Science, Yoro Ndiaye, Pape & Cheikh and many others are missing – but five video clips from 2013/14 that is the rule we played.» Jenny Fatou Mbaye from the African Centre for Cities at University of Cape Town was not the first one having problems while compiling a video selection for Norient. Watch the result below and dive into the Sounds of Mbayes homeland Senegal, where the one are praising our mothers and women and the other gathering many of the creative and cultural entrepreneurs who make Dakar’s city hip and happening. At least don't miss our favorite Xuman with his Journal Rappé at the end of this selection.


Artist: Takeifa
Track: No Stress

This track is an extract from their album released in 2012 – however the video clip was released only 2 years after! Having intensively toured in Senegal as well as overseas, the five brothers and sister are an example of these artists who have demonstrated a strong stage presence, being the first among this generation to suggest an original sound to the convention Senegalese music – this still with a digital visual support coming only later after recognition.


Artist: Souleymane Faye
Track: Jeulëti

One of the greatest poets of Senegal, who regularly performs in the capital city and magically plays with words and melodies -, he tells and narrates common stories of life, of love with his majestic and extra-ordinary poetry that feels, touches and moves – this track is the introductory song of an album Djadjé realised by the great keyboard player of the legendary Xalam, Henri Guillabert aka Henguilla, featuring both well-known and emerging artists of the Senegalese music scene.


Artist: Awadi feat. Bouba Kirikou & Natti Jean
Track: Jamm Ci Casamance

A cover of a track of my childhood – of the great Toure Kunda «Emma» – by one of the pioneer of Senegalese hip hop music and two promising new comers on the urban music scene. An happy revisiting of Senegal’s musical heritage; a call for peace in a region of Senegal that has been longing for quiet and rest for way too long.


Artist: Daara J Family
Track: Celebrate

A brand new video in 2013 of a track extract from the 2010 album School of Life – here the two members of another pioneer group in Senegalese urban music offer a track of universal aesthetics, while gathering in a happy video many of the creative and cultural entrepreneurs who make Dakar’s city hip and happening.


Artist: P.P.S. The Writah feat. Amdy
Track: Sunu Meen

Emerging hip hop artist, representing Dakar’s popular banlieue of Rufisque, P.P.S. has quietly but surely imposed his versatile style on the Senegalese music scene, beautifully mastering and technically subliming words; this track, in praise of our mothers and women, sounds like a subtle reminder of his noble simplicity and deep sincerity.


Video clips are not just about music but also a way to speak a common language with multiple translations (Xuman); to portray a rich and diverse culture with its moves and dance steps (the Dance Hall); to engage citizens into political affairs that concern them (JTR).

Artist: Xuman
Track: Béggé

Artist: The Dance Hall
Track: 1st urban dance centre in Senegal

Artist: JTR
Track: rapped TV news

I am grateful to my sister Aïsha Dème for kindly conversing and advising around this tough selection.

Published on May 27, 2019

Last updated on April 05, 2020


Postdoctoral research fellow at the African Centre for Cities (ACC), Jenny Mbaye’s research interests focus on urban popular music and cultural economies in Francophone West Africa; and engage with the work as well as the policy practices of urban creativity in African contexts. She is a research and policy consultant, a member of UNESCO’s pool of experts for the Convention 2005 in Francophone Africa, as well as an external evaluator for its Creative Cities Network; she is also a member of the Arterial Network Cultural Policy Task Group.
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