Five Video Clips from Romania

by Matei-Alexandru Mocanu

«In all honesty, I don't have any favourite Romanian videos, I think they are all bad» answered the director of music films and video clips Matei Alexandru Mocanu when we asked him to select the five best clips from his home country. However, he sent a list with five clips that prove the opposite. And when it gets trashy, a great deal of irony always helps.


Artist: Peripatetic
Track: Ode to mj

Hipsters and homosexuals take drugs and fuck about by the pool, in slow motion. Sensuous photography drenched in hip cliches that unfortunately lead nowehere. Sast is diverse, friends of the band & director, even some guys from Switzerland who works as a well paid clock repairman in Bucharest. Track is killer, though.


Artist: Grasu XXL
Track: Turbofin

A little gem in black & white starring the infamous Sandra Romain, AVN porn award winner, Sandra Romain, (she of the GAPE THAT ASS fame.) Nice set design, lowkey sfx, and a thespian performance from Sandra.


Artist: Skizzo Skillz
Track: Biniditat

The beautiful (was it bootyful?) Romanian countryside and the Romanian beauties, the best in europe. Yes, I am proud to be romanian. We have the best looking women. A tongue in cheek video and a hip hop banger that takes an expected turn for the majestic and choral.


Artist: Antonia
Track: Marabou

Catchy track and the ever sensous Antonia. Camera pans across her features and body curves until the viewer realizes that when she dresses, she's dressed to kill. 100% pop.


Artist: Florin Purice & Mitzu Din Salaj
Track: Din Salaj

Diss song, gangsta music, killer anthem, you name it. The video is an homage to one of Romania's most notorious crime ring leaders, Nitu Camataru aka Nitu The Loan Shark. The video shows various members of his Gypsy family, lieutenants, and soldiers. The chorus goes something like: «When I come out (of prison) I'll bar you all from doing business, there's no escape from me you rascals». Think of Tupac's «Hit Em up», only with Gypsies.


Check out these video clips by the author Matei Alexandru Mocanu:


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