Five Video Clips from Kenya

by Jaaz Odongo

Kenyan producer Jaaz Odongo sent us his top five from his country. It was hard for him to compile this list, because – as he said – «there have been many good songs these past two years. But these songs don't necessarily posses great music video qualities in my opinion.» He rather would have talked just about the music.

There are definitely several other artists who have been making a lot of moves and I'm sad to leave out artists such as P-UNIT, Octopizzo and a few others in the gospel music fraternity as well. The best thing is that all these artists as well as many I have not mentioned are always aiming to raise the bar in one way or another. In the future I bet this list is going to change.


Artist: Eric Wainaina
Track: Selina

I feel really blessed to have been involved in this production. This was also the song that got this African Musical Heavyweight back on mainstream radio.


Artist: Daddy Owen feat. Denno
Track: Mbona

Why? Not really the video but the song was a major breakthrough in the career of this multi award winning artist and show important it was for him to talk about his passion for the disabled and obviously a large CSR campaign came out of this.


Artist: Sauti Sol
Track: NiShike

This music video went viral in 24 hours. Sauti Sol are still most definitely the band to look out for, always changing and always improving their art. A little bit of controversy here and there never hurts.


Artist: Wyre ft. Alaine
Track: Nakupenda Pia

Again this was a really big song on radio. Wyre has been on the scene for a long while and definitely came back here with another hit.


Artist: Camp Mulla
Track: Party Don't Stop

This is arguably one of the biggest hits of these past two years. These kids went really high and brought in some new life to the industry during their short time of fame.

Published on October 03, 2014

Last updated on April 05, 2020

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