Five Video Clips from Italy

by Meg

For our five video clips from Italy we asked the Naples-born electronic musician and singer Maria Di Donna alias Meg, ex-voice of the late 99 Posse group. Her selection shows, that Italy is an inspiring place for electronic music, which, in turn, invites to strong experimental imageries.


Artist: Godblesscomputers
Track: Nothing to me

I love the delicate organic sounds Nada uses in all his tracks, he does fields recordings and then chops the little sounds he likes, to build up drums loops, in such an elegant way. Check out his new album Veleno.


Artist: Digi G'Alessio
Track: Juke Casella

You can pick up any Digi G'Alessio track and you will get some fun for sure! He is a restless musician, with hundreds of parallel projects, always experimenting. He also records elements from nature in order to have unique kicks and snares sounds. He will make you dance with a smile on your face, because his music is so joyful! Check out his last crazy project: Clap Clap.


Artist: M+A Bouncy
Live at Glastonbury 2014

This in the coolest duo of the moment, they were the only Italian band on Glastonbury Festival stage this year. They are fresh and full of light. Amazing.


Artist: Mario Conte
Track: Harmonic Field #1

Mario is an eclectic musician from Naples, he has his roots in house music. It's incredible how this track from his latest project Overtones, matches with the archive images of this old documentary. Hypnotic.


Artist: Meg
Track: Estate

I decided to sing this famous song from the 60s by Bruno Martino and arrange it in the most minimal way possible: just two synthetizers and the voice. I love contrasts. The video is a surreal love story between me and a canary bird.

Published on July 24, 2014

Last updated on April 06, 2020


Maria Di Donna alias Meg is probably one of the few female musicians who holds all the strings of her music in her own hands: she writes, composes and produces and experiments with different genres and sounds and has released her third solo album.
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