Five Video Clips from France

From techno to hip hop – from animation to satire. Kevin Elamrani, a young video artist from Paris, shows us a selection of eclectic videos with singular atmospheres from France. Everything begins with a nightly party at your friends place.


Artist: Qoso
Track: Jura

It's 3 o'clock in the morning, party at your friends place: Some are dancing, some are eating, the sound is quite dark. Thats what this video from Qoso – techno DJ from Paris – is all about. (Watch also this new video from Qoso, directed by the author of this list, Kevin Elamrani).


Artist: L.O.A.S

Here, Marseille based rapper L.O.A.S. is terrorizing his city with a fire extinguisher and plenty of color – realized by director Nicolas Capus.


Artist: Hybu
Track: Cleopatra (Krampf Remix)

Lo budget aesthetics at French' countryside, directed by Florian Ronget and Hugo Paturel. Hybu is another, rather young DJ from Paris.


Artist: Bonnie Banane feat. Waltaa
Track: Champs-Élysées

Rapper Bonnie Banane and producer Waltaa from Paris are showing us a satirical homage to commerce, brands, drug dealers and the 90ies. An again and again surprising video clip (directed by HELMI).


Artist: AIKpote
Track: Mongoldorak

For the end another hip hop video clip by Paris based Atef Kahlaoui aka Alkpote. This fits perfectly to the last one and opens the wide field of French hip hop.

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