Five Video Clips from Chile

by Ariel Altamirano V.

There is not just this great new video from Chilean Rapper Ana Tijoux in collaboration with the Palestinian Shadia Mansour that made some furore even across the boarders from their home country Chile. Watch the video selection from Discos Pegaos – a Record Label from Santiago. Welcome to this colorful journey through Hip-Hop and Electronica.


Artist: Ana Tijoux & Shadia Mansour
Track: Somos sur

The best rapper of Chile, with her latest album she has achieved a very personal and fascinating language. This video shows the power of her music.


Artist: Portavoz & Staylok
Track: El otro Chile

Perhaps the best artist in portraying the Chile of today, with its melancholy and injustice, but hard and speech. Rap con R de Revolución is one of the best Rap albums of recent years.


Artist: Bronko Yotte
Track: Moda y Foto

Sharp, smart and funny, Bronko is one of the greatest kept secrets of our country, their music is rap with clear influence of black music, but always has something to say about our carácter.


Artist: Fredi Michel
Track: Marinero

A myth in the local underground, released their debut this year, with its mixture of Latin dance rhythms and electronic music derived from house. A bet with a great sense of humor and cunning of Santiago.


Artist: Dementira
Track: 20012011

Last video of our label, Discos Pegaos, and advancement of Sucedaneo EP out soon, Dementira represented by many names, drive electronics with denomination of origin standing in hiphop and one foot in the club.

Bonus Track

Artist: El Sueño de la Casa Propia
Track: Doble Ola

One of the best electronic music projects, cut and paste, complex rhythms and many influences are drawn from Doble Ola EP.


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