Five Video Clips from Brands Worldwide

by Cande Sánchez Olmos

Everybody loves music but hates traditional advertising. For this reason, a new trend is emerging: brands are becoming music video directors. Clips are the new marketing stars for marketers because brands need to display their products in a way that the consumers will not reject. The Internet helps to spread the music videos as viral elements across a variety of platforms. These are my five favorite ad/music videos from around the world. See five video clips from Spain by Cande Sáchez Olmos here and five video clips from other countries in our ongoing videoclip series here.


Artist: Flatbush Zombies x Trash Talk (USA)
Track: 97.92
Brand: Converse

This music video is the result of a collaboration between Flatbush Zombies (Brooklyn), Trash Talk (California), Aplusfilmz, Pier Pictures, and Converse. The clip was created using a 360-degree HD camera. The spherical view looks crazy but it is really interesting to see the connection between music and images. Many ads have been made with a high level of complexity and ambiguity, and thus it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between commercials and music videos.


Artist: Biting Elbows (Russia)
Track: Bad Motherfucker
Brand: NEFT 

This music video was filmed from a first-person perspective with GoPro cameras. It is a controversial clip due to its violence and aggressiveness. It might actually be the weirdest commercial we've ever seen used to promote vodka. Ilya Naishuller, Biting Elbows front man, directed this shocking music video, which is reminiscent of «Smack My Bitch Up» (The Prodigy) directed by Jonas Arkelund.


Artist: David Bowie (UK/France)
Track: I'd Rather Be High
Brand: Louis Vuitton

Romain Gavras directed this music video with fashion model Arizona Muse. In the video, David Bowie plays a harpsichord version of «I'd Rather Be High», a song from his latest album The Nest Day (2013). The music video shows luxury, fashion, and fantasy from Paris to Venice. Though it could be real, it is only a dream.


Artist: Dre Skull (UK/Germany)
Track: First Time
Brand: Puma Fragrances

Video not available anymore.

Puma Dance Dictionary is a dance messaging platform that invites users to express sentences through dance moves and exceptional choreography. Great freestyle dancers translate messages from people into dance sequences timed to the song «First Time» by Dre Skull. The song was created especially for the campaign.


Artist: Walk Off The Earth (Canada)
Track: Gang Of Rhythm
Brand: Volkswagen Beatle

Gang of Rhythm became famous in 2012 due to its cover of Gotye’s «Somebody That I Used to Know», in which all five-band members play the song on one guitar. Volkswagen is well known for the use of music in their ad campaigns. They reached out to the band and the resulting collaboration is this commercial/music video. The clip runs for eleven minutes and presents three video versions of the song: playful, soulful and powerful. In other words, the video features three genres with different meanings in order to reach a larger audience. Music videos are a marketing strategy designed to engage viewers with brands by providing entertainment.


More Commercial Music Videos

Artist: Method Man (US)
Track: World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids)
Brand: Sour Patch Kids

Artist: Lana Del Rey (USA)
Track: Burning Desire
Brand: Jaguar F-TYPE

Artist: Lune (Swedish House Mafia feat. Laidback Luke und Deborah Cox) (Sweden/Netherlands/Canada)
Track: Leave The World Behind
Brand: Volvo

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