Five Video Clips from Bolivia

by Miguel Hilari

Producing an album or making a video-clip is not really a moneymaking activity in Bolivia. However, there is important production going on at the margins of traditional industry standards. For our series, director and producer Miguel Hilari from La Paz selected clips that don’t try to look professional, but instead search for raw beauty.


Artist: Gato Diablo
Track: Nunca tendremos mar

Our national trauma is thematized in this instrumental piece by one of the finest bands playing in La Paz these days. The images are a lucid mixture of footage from both classic Bolivian and Hollywood films and old VHS tapes.


Artist: Llajtamayu
Track: Kallpawan

This is Qhantu, traditional music from Bolivia’s Northwest. The images made me feel entering a childhood dream. Cosmic energies are being invoked.


Artist: Los Fermentados
Track: Deztroy

«Deztroy» is part of the soundtrack of the film El Olor de tu Ausencia, where frontman Basura plays a leading role. Pure and beautiful punk energy from Cochabamba.


Artist: Ivan Nava
Track: Carnaval de Campo

Of all charangueada singers I heard from Chuquisaca, Ivan Nava has the finest voice. Joy and Sadness, mixed together, that’s how it is. Mind-blowing, like the chicha they drink in the video.


Artist: Nonsum
Track: Esparavan

Nonsum is one of the bands of Nicolás Uxusiri who also has conformed Enfant, Taki Ongoy and has released solo albums. Many names for many projects. Behind is one of the hardest working guys in the music scene, he keeps on surprising every now and then with a new album, new band, new clip… Definitely somebody to follow.

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