Five Video Clips from Bangladesh

by Faisal Mohammed Khan

For its series «5 video clips from...» electronic musician and producer Faisal Khan presents his favorite video clips from his home country Bangladesh. He has chosen five completely different music genres and added some comments. Faisal started the Facebook-organized network Dhaka Electronica Scene DES in 2011 (see Norient article: Cast-netting for Bangladeshi Electronica) and knows well the bangladeshi music scenes.


Artist: Nemesis
Track: Kobe (Official)
Genre: Bangla Alter Rock

Nemesis was formed in the summer of 1999. Most of the band members had just finished high school and had a lot of spare time in their hands. Saber bought Maher and Yawar together to form a band that he wanted to manage. Maher asked his brother Sabin to play bass setting up as a three piece band. They first performed at New Year's Eve at a rooftop party that Saber arranged. This is were they met Zohad, a school friend of Maher. Zohad joined the band early 2000.


Artist: Rajotto Feat. Surjo
Track: Atto Kothon
Genre: Bangla Hip Hop

In the year of 2006 Towfique moved to London for higher studies but kept himself with a move with music in Underground. He has been doing solo performances since the beginning of his career. He formed RAJOTTO with Faisal Roddy. Faisal Roddy born in 1983 with a charming childhood spent in Barisal. Although he briefly learned Classical & Folk, his heart and mind always lies with song writing and composing.


Artist: Various from Dhaka Electronica Scene
Mixed Tracks
Genre: Electronica

Dhaka Electronica Scene is founded in 2011 as a platform to bring together musicians, DJs and visual artists to collectively empower the network, produce original content and engage the scene to expand in new directions. DES has since created many new artists and in the process received acclaim, partnered with networks in Germany, India and USA, hosted visiting talents and instructors. DES promises to push boundaries and create new avenues for both consumption and production in the music industry.


Artist: Shironamhim
Track: Abar Hashimukh
Genre: Fusion Bangla Rock

Video no longer available.

Shironamhin started their journey in 1996. At first they used to jam and perform in the campus gossip areas and street crowd. They have presented their musical approach and lyrical pattern on urban cultural fabric till their first program at TSC auditorium, University of Dhaka. In the present, Shironamhin has achieved enormous popularity. Shironamhin released 4 albums and participated in 6 mixed albums within 5 years (2004-2010) with their own unique lyrical vocabulary that could catch the intellectuals' attraction and the simplicity could render a dynamic image on listeners' mind.


Artist: Mila
Track: Tumi Ki Shara Dibe
Genre: Pop

Mila got her break with «Fele Asha» of her first solo album which was released in 2006. This album was composed by a number of music directors. In 2008, her second solo album, Fuad featuring Mila «Chapter-2» was released.


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