Welcome to the Underground

The Norient Space «The Now in Sound» mixes art, journalism and academia. It is a digital AV-gallery on the Overground, a platform for words, sounds, images and films in the Middleground, and an academic archive and researcher space in the Underground. All content on the Over- and Middleground is free.

Members are however provided with precise navigation and curated collections like Norient Topics and Specials. While only Advanced Members get access to the Underground. – The Norient Space is playful and yet precise. Explore and Experience the Now through Music and Sound. Enjoy, comment, share, skip and come back!


The Norient Space consists of an Overground, Middleground and an Underground.


When you enter the Norient Space, you first see a gallery of what we call Snaps: they consist of photography, design, text and sound. One-click further in the Snap Carousel, you can wipe and click from Snap to Snap to create an audio-visual journey. Snaps highlight key arguments from a post in the middle- or the underground, or from a publication external of Norient. – Collaboration is key. The Norient Space should become an intersection for people who research through sound.


The Middleground hosts the collection of the digital gallery, with data from 2002 till today. It consists of short articles, podcasts, films, videos, or photo stories.  - From academic to journalistic posts, blog entries, or poetry … the modes of representation should remain open.



The underground is an academic archive and a researcher space. The archive hosts master thesis’s, PHDs, plus raw ethnographic material – like audio recordings of interviews that under certain conditions can be used by other scholars or remixed by artists. Through the researcher space, scholars can meet and discuss. The Underground is yet a prototype: It will develop and grow with its participants.



Members and Advanced Members get access to an Index. This index makes all content on the Norient Space very structured. Through the Index, members can create collections through Topics or Specials. Limited navigation is provided for everyone through the Norient Compass. It structures the content in the Middleground into four modes of representation: words, sounds, films and images. When surfing through topics and specials only, these modes become mixed.