• Derek Walmsley
    Violence may be a frequent theme in UK grime music, but its influence on the aesthetics of the music is stronger than its connection to real life disputes. War is everywhere in grime lyrics, but violence is fictionalized.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Chino Amobi is heavily sampling in his tracks, from airport soundscapes to chicken clucks and – not least – gun shots. In this short quote he explains why the latter are in fact uniting people.
  • Vladimir Lenhart
    The 2013 video «Esi mi dobar» by Serbian hip hop group Bad Copy is a persiflage on postwar Serbia where the true gangsters are not getting caught and no one seems to care. The video shows kids playing with big guns. Exotica or bitter reality?
  • Mona Aurich
    Our author understands the 2014 music video «I·M·A·M (jj Remix)» by Swedish rapper Silvana Imam as a call for fight. She finds proof in both the lyrics and the video footage. Further she asks: who will be included in the revolution, proclaimed by Imam?
  • Martin Daughtry
    By sampling footage from contemporary sci-fi and action films, the video «Mecha» by Nguzunguzu appears to take the same delight in the spectacle of combat as the Italian Futurists did at the beginning of the last century.
  • Arie Amaya Akkermans
    Media converts real wars into long distance entertainment. But the condition of war and the fantasy of it belong to the same articulation of a collective desire. It's this what the energetic US clubmusic duo Nguzunguzu is using as sonic elements in their music.
  • Andy Markowitz
    In some Jamaican jails, prisoners can join a music-focused rehabilitation program. The award winning documentary «Songs of Redemption» is a fascinating portrait about the power of music. An interview with the co-director Amanda Sans.
  • John Hutnyk
    Supermarkets are a popular setting for music videos. The cultural theorist John Hutnyk comments on this and presents a kind of a Marxist theory of shopping.
  • Elijah Wald
    In their 2014 music video «La Bala», the Mexican narcocorrido stars Los Tigres Del Norte condemn the life of crime – quite unusual for norteño musicians. Here, our author talks about the ambivalence one can see in the band's public representation.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Not many performers reach the intensity, harshness and nastiness of Israeli sound and noise artist and activist Meira Asher. Norient met her to talk about her main topic «reducing militarism».
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Rapper Ali Gul Pir from Karachi has a lot of courage. His video clips about feudal lords and against the YouTube ban in Pakistan inspired hot controversies. Gul Pir received death threats. «I want to be a man who mattered», he says in this interview.
  • Monzer Darwish
    In Syrian Metal is War, I provide a portrait of musicians who play metal music during the Syrian war. While other people choose to fight and kill, they play music. Screened as a Partial Rough Cut on January 17, 2015, at 6th Norient Musikfilm Festival.
  • Jean-Martin Büttner
    Stromae, der elektrische Chansonnier aus Brüssel, schreibt dunkle Verse mit geschmeidigen Melodien. Und er singt sie für Millionen. Ein Rendezvous vor seinem Zürcher Konzert im Dezember 2014.
  • Rédha M.
    Starting with the godfathers of raï and early algerian hip-hop and ending with extreme Metal and a poem, Rédha M. from the podcast Radio Tashweesh rewrites a part of the history of the Algerian music for Norient.
  • Daniel Künzler
    On 9 July 2014, South Sudan turned three years old. Decades of civil war, high flying hopes, disillusionment, humor and creativity shape the musical creation of South Sudanese artists.
  • Florian Bigge
    Einfache Wahrheiten und martialische Botschaften: Mit wenig Aufwand, aber viel Wirkung teilen die deutschen Rapper Fard und Snaga die Welt in zwei Lager auf – und übernehmen so die Rhetorik von Extremisten.
  • Dominik Irtenkauf
    While Heavy Metal has been around already in Soviet-Times, it was not until 1995 that the first Black Metal concert in Georgia took place. The Black Metal veteran Vaso Doiashvili looks back.
  • Helena Simonett
    Sa. 11. Januar 2014 // 5. Norient Musikfilm Festival: Schonungslos dokumentiert «Narco Cultura» den Drogenkrieg in der mexikanischen Stadt Juárez – und die Musik, die ihn verherrlicht.
  • Georg Milz
    Protest and art are part of daily life in Istanbul. After the Gezi protests there's a lot of creative energy on the streets. Norient Blogger Georg Milz met several artists and musicians. An update on the vibrant protest culture.
  • Julian Voloj
    Alles braucht eine Geburtsstunde und so besagt die Legende: vor genau 40 Jahren, am 11. August 1973, erfand DJ Kool Herc den Hip-Hop in der Bronx. Susanna Petrin spürt der damaligen Atmosphäre in New Yorks berüchtigtsten Stadtteil nach.
  • Andrea Milluzzi
    Fünf junge Männer, ein Ghettoblaster und eine Leidenschaft für Breakdance. Eine Tänzer-Crew aus Bagdad erzählt vom HipHop, Michael Jackson und von einer Stadt, in der junge Leute Orte für sich erkämpfen.
  • Keith Kahn-Harris
    Fr. 11.1 + Sa 12.1 // An upsetting, deranging yet most fabulous portrait about the norwegian black metal scene – screened at 4. Norient Musikfilm Festival.
  • Sergey Chernov
    Since their performance in a Moscow cathedral in February, three women of the Russian queer Punk band «Pussy riots» are in custody. In this article from before the arrest, the Riots talk about their artistic-political aims. Free Pussy!
  • Didi Neidhardt
    In seinem Buch «Töne der Angst» geht der Musikwissenschaftler Frank Hentschel dem Sound des Horrorfilms auf den Grund. Die gruseligen Klänge bewegen sich vom harmlosen Kinderlied bis zu avantgardistischer Neuer Musik.
  • Martin Alioth
    In the protestant Fountain-Quarter of northern Irish Derry, the musician Roy Arbuckle intents to hold a dance night. Arguing Protestants and Catholics shall dance together again – Showed at 3. Norient Musikfilm Festival in Bern.
  • Michael Spahr
    Der Film «Hit Me With Music» bietet vielseitige Einblicke in das jamaikanische Musikgenre Dancehall. - Am 3. Norient Musikfilm Festival in Bern.
  • Susanne Schanda
    Musik, Gesang und Bauchtanz gehören in Ägypten zu jedem Hochzeitsfest. Je pompöser und kostspieliger Band und Tänzerinnen, desto angesehener ist der Gastgeber.
  • Daniel J. Gilman
    During the 2011 revolution, most Egyptian pop singers said nothing. Now they are back and praising the national martyrs in song. A PR gaffe or more?
  • Andreas Glauser
    Ahmed Basyoni starb an den Demonstrationen der ägyptischen Revolution 2011 infolge von Schussverletzungen. Ein Portrait dieses ägyptischen Klang- und Medienkünstlers.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Metal, Rock und Zensur im Libanon. Eine Radiosendung von Thomas Burkhalter
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Eine kommentierte Hörrreise durch Südafrika: Von Klick-Lauten bis zum Kwaito-Beat - ein akustischer Steigerungslauf. Von Thomas Burkhalter.
  • Klaus Raab
    Zola ist Südafrikas bekanntester Gangsta-Rapper, und gegen seine Biographie wirkt die des US-amerikanischen Rappers 50 Cent wie lauwarmer Hüttenkäse.