• Sumugan Sivanesan
    The Nature Loves Courage Festival in Greece foregrounds female-identifying, queer and non-binary artists and contributes to the development of what is known as post-club culture. What can this festival tell us about today's club culture in general?
  • Gizem Oruç
    For the Norient exhibition «Seismographic Sounds» Gizem Oruç aka 6zm compiled a mixtape. It is, in her own words, a collage of works of artists from the bubble she exists in, such as Maria F. Dolores, Zeynep Özcan and Çağrı Erdem.
  • Eckehard Pistrick
    The international music group Soundwalk Collective collects sounds from all over the world. In their sound art they make audible the sounds and people who were long muted or invisible, and through this create a sonic mapping of the world.
  • Hannes Liechti
    In this interview Norient asked Eduardo Navas, one of the main scholars theorizing the phenomenon of remix, to clarify some of his points and to talk about algorithms, the surplus of remix studies, and cultural appropriation.
  • Ryu Yoshizawa
    With his project, Koeosaeme, Japanese artist Ryu Yoshizawa draws on the sonics of abstract electronics to create a spellbinding sense of controlled chaos. Listen to his new mix on experimental artists that have influenced him. Presented by Norient.
  • Theresa Beyer
    In low-budget music videos, necessity is the mother of invention. One of the best examples of this is «Picolé», a clip co-directed by forty-five directors. Javier Lourenço from the Argentinian collective Flamboyant Paradise takes us behind the scenes.
  • Lucia Udvardyová
    A 20-minute transition through perpetual transition, a looped past-future-past, an ode to the «former» Eastern Europe: from Budapest to Bucharest, Prague to Belgrade, Vienna to Bulgaria, conjuring an imaginary landscape open to contingency and adventure.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Contemporary tracks remix sounds from different places and times. To analyze the manifold constellations in and shapes of these remixes is challenging. Peter J. Burkholder made a first attempt, here is yet another.
  • Eduardo Navas
    Just like words to create sentences, songs and artworks have become building blocks for new ones. In his essay, Eduardo Navas proposes a future in which constant updates and connectivity will become ubiquitous.
  • Renato Martins
    As some of you know, there is a new movement coming from de Rio de Janeiro, in a new style called Rasterinha. Some producers call it raggafunk or axé funk. An brief introduction to a new genre.
  • Patricia Jäggi
    In 2012, Switzerland has presented it's Inventory of Living Traditions in Switzerland. Some of the listed practices of intangible cultural heritage have inspired Patrica Jäggi to create her own list – a suspenseful sound montage.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    A short story of a keyboard virtuoso from Cairo: Islam Chipsy just released his first vinyl.
  • Marcelle van Hoof
    DJ Marcelle alle Genre-Grenzen. Kein Tanzbein wird stillstehen! Vorab gibt sie Einblicke in ihren Alltag: Was braucht eine DJane on the road?
  • Theresa Beyer
    Cairo Liberation Front ist das erste westliche DJ-Kollektiv, das sich Electro Sha‘abi aus Kairo einverleibt. Im Interview spricht Joost Heijthuijsen über seine Sha‘abi-Faszination, sein Selbstverständnis und die Grenzen des Verstehens.
  • Robert Rigney
    Shazalakazoo from Belgrade transform traditional serbian music into electronic dance music. But not everyone loves their Trubaci-Mixtures at home.
  • Christoph Fellmann
    Marcel Oetiker ist der erste studierte Schwyzerörgeler der Schweiz. Am Festival Alpentöne in Altdorf hat er dieses Jahr seine neueste Komposition vorgestellt.
  • Theresa Beyer
    In ihren Mixes bürstet DJ Marcelle aus Amsterdam verschiedenste Genres und experimentelle Sounds gegen den Strich.
  • Moses Iten
    In the philosophical DJ-Set «The B Side of Switzerland» and the Podcast «Stranger than caribbean music: My swiss roots» the swiss-australian artist Moses Iten searchs for remains and revivals of 'real' Swiss music.
  • Ahmad Zatari
    Using folk songs from Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, and Kuwait, Yasmine Hamdan’s self-titled new album revives the music of the region with an unheard of frankness and freshness.
  • Milena Krstic
    Wenige Jahre nach Thomas Haferlachs Südamerikareise verwandelt er im Voodoohop-Kollektiv São Paulos brachliegende Flächen zu neonbunten Spielwiesen für schrille Parties im Neo-Tropicália-Stil.
  • Simon Grab
    The National Fanfare of Kadebostany aus Genf hat eine fiktive Welt geschaffen.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Japanische Sprechgesänge und Girlie-Melodien interagieren mit knackiger Elektronika, tiefen Bass-Beats und einem Schuss Indie Rock. Das zweite Album von Tim & Puma Mimi.
  • Portia Seddon
    Within the past decade, African-, Latin American-, and Caribbean-centered popular music weblogs have emerged as complex mediated spaces of cultural debate and transformation. // Notes on the Ethnography of Mediated Music.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Grey Filastine survives from performing, runs a mini cap company, gave us great links to music in Indonesia, and recently released his new album «£00T». We reached him via E-mail.
  • Eric Mandel
    Buraka Som Sistema – J-Wow (João Barbosa), DJ Riot (Rui Pité), Kalaf Ângelo, Andro Carvalho and newest member Blaya are in the world of Kuduro key players even though they are – in a way – outsiders, both geographically and sound-wise. An Interview.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Ruedi Häusermann hat einen riskanten Unterhaltungsabend kreiert.
  • Georg Milz
    Outhere Records publishes Urban Music from South Africa.
  • Benedikt Sartorius
    Ein Manifest für die Copyleft-Kultur, ein spielerischer Umgang mit Copyrights, propagiert dieser Dokumentarfilm auf polemische, humorvolle Weise.
  • Thomas Burkhalter

    Von Delhi bis Tijuana, Beirut bis Johannesburg verarbeiten Musikerinnen, Komponisten und Soundkünstler lokale und globale Einflüsse zu eigenständiger Musik und eigenwilligen Soundscapes.

  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Der malische Ngoni-Lautenspieler Bassekou Kouyate vertont die alten Legenden aus dem Königreich Segu auf neue Art und Weise. Ein Feature mit zahlreichen Zwischentönen aus Mali.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Wir schreiben das Jahr 2004. Goran Bregovic tourt durch die Schweiz. Im Ausland feiert der ex-jugoslawische Rockstar und Filmmusikkomponist Erfolge, in seiner Heimat ist er umstritten. Ein Besuch in Belgrad.