• Christophe Thockler
    «Images can hit harder than war», writes the music video director Christophe Thockler. Here, he reports about the shoot of the song «Arterial» from the Electronica musician Lusine for which he used real ox blood.
  • FrankJavCee
    The Internet genres vaporwave and seapunk mix slowed-down 1990s smooth jazz with house music, and cannot live without images of dolphins, palm trees and Greek marble statues. A round up.
  • Lucia Udvardyová
    The Estonian musician Ratkiller is a master of intertextuality. His recent album «Dreamhammer» is full of samples from different sources: from Death Metal to 1980s Funk or porn movies. A review comment.
  • Adam Harper
    In the past decade, culture was longing for the nostalgic and authentic. The new Internet underground celebrates the contrary: hi-tech, artificiality and kitsch. Is it a critique of capitalism or a capitulation to it? Both and neither, says our author.
  • Michael Kinzer
    Punks didn't give a fuck. Dux Content cares. Read a second commentary on the music video «Life Style» by digital pop duo Dux Content. «It's entertaining» our author states. And: «It leaves imprints of zapping images that will fit each viewer’s obsessions.»
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    When Mainstream Pop Sounds get manipulated with cheap audio software, cut-up in bits and pieces, pimped with audio effects, we get exited – at least at times. Is this music dramatizing the decline of good taste at the hands of modernity? A Round-Up.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Blank Banshee creates audio-visual works full of samples and exotic images. He is often mentioned as one of the pioneers of Vaporwave. We tried to interview this desktop artist from Vancouver. And we probably failed.
  • Norient
    In «Sound Translations», Peter Guyer (Recycled TV AG) and Thomas Burkhalter (Norient) narrate stories around seven video clips and audio tracks from selected musicians worldwide.
  • Cumbiónico
    The MIDI East project by Brian May aka DJ Delay discovers new distributions of music and combines them with the use of old MIDI technology. A trip by carriage and airplane criss cross through the virtual electric folk-clubs in the MIDI east.