• Sumugan Sivanesan
    The Nature Loves Courage Festival in Greece foregrounds female-identifying, queer and non-binary artists and contributes to the development of what is known as post-club culture. What can this festival tell us about today's club culture in general?
  • Lucia Udvardyová
    This list explores current Czech Sounds: electronic shaped tracks accompanied by colorful and digital video art – inspired by tumbler aestetics. For the first and the last video we're going to visit particular places in Czechs capital Prague.
  • Jenny Fatou Mbaye
    Dive into the Sounds of Senegal, where the one are praising our mothers and women and the other gathering many of the creative and cultural entrepreneurs who make Dakar’s city hip and happening.
  • Hyunjoon Shin
    Since the rise of Psy the whole world now knows about Korea's vivid music scene. But there's a lot more to the scene than just «Gangnam Style»: Hyunjoon Shin shows us some highlights between Seoul and Busan.
  • Moses Iten
    Clips, compiled by Australian author Moses Iten, between field recordings, Reggaeton and Cumbia. Beginning with one of our long time favorites, a sci-fi shaving odyssey starting from the heights of Machu Picchu.
  • Andy Bennett
    The relationship between music and place has a long history. This article discusses the academic discourses regarding the relationship between music and place.
  • Sandeep Bhagwati
    Sandeep Bhagwati works in various musical traditions and has roots in Asia, Europe and North America. He self-identifies as a Native Alien and claims: to feel unquestioned ties to one’s own place.
  • Shayna Silverstein
    For centuries dabke was a local tradition in Syria, but in the late 1990s, it has become urban. Thereby, the popular dance music was reimaginated and globalized. Under the name «new wave dabke» special stylistic idoms have become noticeable.
  • Shonegrad O'Connor
    «Esi Mi Dobar» by Serbian rap group Bad Copy tackles issues of contemporary Serbia head-on by providing us with an image of contrast and contradiction. The 2013 video resembles a moussaka dish.
  • Juliane Gerlach
    «We're just four great friends, chilling out - having a good time»: the Pakistani indie rock band The Tamaashbeens are presenting themselves as a project that springs from deep friendship. A short portrait.
  • Pascal Rudolph
    The progressive rock band The D/A Method has been described as a unique addition to the Pakistani music landscape. With Gali Films and its director Kamal Khan, they recently published a video clip of the song «The Desert Journey». An interview.
  • Elisabeth Stoudmann
    The FEMUA festival in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, boasts around 100,000 spectators. Today it's an important springboard for artists who are starting out, from hip hop to zouglou. A report from a gathering that strives for conduit of union and social cohesion.
  • Hannes Liechti
    Digging samples in the tracks of Daniel Jakob led me to two interesting potentials of the production method: sampling as a hidden means of producing tracks and sampling of ambient sounds as cultural signifiers.
  • Laetitia Bouloud
    In this photo series we explore the Israeli underground scene around experimental sound artists such as Meira Asher or David Opp. Portrayed in their home environments the they show the artists in connection or disconnection from the region they live in.
  • Theresa Beyer
    In this podcast producer, DJ, blogger, and trackmaker Suhrid Manchanda alias Su Real talks about clubbing in New Delhi, the revival of music television in India and about how transnational identities can help to put a specific Indian stamp on trap music.
  • Christoph Fellmann
    Im Videokommentar zu «Du verwachsch wieder nume i dinere Wonig» der Schweizer Mundart Philosophen Stahlberger erscheint das im Video inszenierte Therapiegespräch als «Psychogramm einer in sich selbst vereinsamten Schweiz».
  • Maxime Pasques
    A second commentary in French on the video «Formidable» by Belgium singer Stromae, written for our book «Seismographic Sounds. Visions of a New World». An elaboration on the typical Belgian «bonhomme» mentality.
  • Rana Ghose
    Producer Rana Ghose from REProduce Artists curated a Playlist for Norient introducing a new and unheard generation of exciting artists from New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore between noise, electronic music and experimental.
  • Shonegrad O'Connor
    Wikluh Sky is part of the hip hop trio Bad Copy from Serbia. In the podcast he talks about making art in Serbia, their video «Esi mi dobar», and about what would happen when Hans Zimmer would call him and offer him a job.
  • Eric Mandel
    Yasmine Hamdan, hyped singers of the Arab world, talks about her fascination for Asmahan Al-Atrash being the first female punk and Western misconceptions of the Arab worlds.
  • Hannes Liechti
    Although it's been labeled as an afro-futuristic project and also comes along as such through an eclectic and futuristic sound collage, fashion, photography, and music videos, «Alien Cartoon» by Senegalese producer Ibaaku is deeply rooted in place.
  • Martyn Pepperell
    On his new album «Ecologies II: Ecosystems of Excess», J.G. Biberkopf explores the way global politics shape ecosystems. Norient talked to him about looking for a political stance in a troubled world and the exploitation mechanisms of art institutions.
  • B Camminga
    In Post Apartheid South Africa a new generation of young artists are drawing on the country’s idiosyncratic past and its unsettled present. They express queer visions for the future. See Dope St Jude at the 8th Norient Musikfilm Festival 2017.
  • B Camminga
    The video of «Magic Man» of the south african musician Umlilo questions issues of race and masculinity and speaks to the constant negotiation that is the suffocating entanglement of past and present South Africa.
  • Maximilian Falk
    Der Hip Hop-Ableger Trap hat zwei Gesichter: Entstanden aus dem Dirty South-Rap um 2003, wandelte er sich um 2010 zu Elektronischem Trap mit Einflüssen aus Dubstep und Drum & Bass. Eine historische Annäherung.
  • Faisal Mohammed Khan
    Dhaka is the Detroit of Bangladesh. But before the city produced its own independent scene, british bengalis layed the ground for one of the most influential music styles in the 90s: Asian Underground.
  • Jackie Perreira
    In the context of the new recording project 1+1 by Norient and Sound Development, one of the first female Iranian rappers Salome MC and multilingual rapper Shing02 worked together in Honolulu for one week.
  • Moses Iten
    Cumbia is the most popular clubmusic in Mexico and booms out of the giant sound systems of the Sonidos. The Australian DJ and musician Moses Iten captivated the Cumbia's hypnotic, dragging rhythm in a podcast.
  • Chris Saunders
    In his photo series for the Norient book and exhibition «Seismographic Sounds», photographer Chris Saunders portrays the vivid and now exploding South African music scene. With Tshetsha Boys, Nozinja, DJ Spoko, DJ Invizable and Spoek Mathambo.
  • Norient
    A keyphrase from the Norient project «Seismographic Sounds» designed by Tomasz Jurecki (Poland).
  • Norient
    A keyphrase from the Norient project «Seismographic Sounds» designed by Javier Lourenço (Argentina).
  • Kay Thompson
    «Pata Pata» is about women who run from their relationship problems by consuming, as the Nigerians did in the 1970's due to the alienation from their government.
  • Georg Milz
    To start the new year ethnologist and journalist Georg Milz sent us a list with five music videos from all around Africa. He shows us some really nice clips between pidgin pop, hip hop pantsula and house.
  • Benedikt Sartorius
    Looking For The Perfect Beat ist eine filmische Stadttour durch Los Angeles und besucht die Musikerinnen und Musiker, die in ihren Heimstudios an neuen Beats tüfteln.
  • Martin Alioth
    Broken Song is a documentary about meaning and self-worth in the bleak and poverty-stricken areas on Dublin’s North side.
  • Ana Rab (Gnučči)
    «If you don’t appreciate this you basically don’t have feelings.» Word! See how Ana Gnučči Rab showcases Sweden's diverse and fascinating creative scene with a lot of thrilling dancing moves.
  • Jean Poole
    For the first time we are heading to the Australian continent for our videoclip series. Melbourne based video producer Jean Poole compiled a selection from Down Under between basketball court and sci-fi animation.
  • Brigitte Bachmann-Geiser
    Im Juni 1974 wollte ich der Alpfahrt nicht einfach wie bisher zuschauen, sondern Hirten und Herde auf einer Alp am Säntis erwarten, um das von weither vernehmbare Geläute der «Sänntomsschölle» aufzunehmen. Notizen aus dem Feld.
  • Syndicate
    The audio-visual collective Syndicate sent us a highly varied journey through beautiful and well produced pictures and some lo-fi aesthetics from Singapore. We even stop by the Taoist Disneyland of Haw Par Villa.
  • Ethiopian Records
    Internet connection troubles took Addis Abeba based musician Ethiopian Records several weeks to finish his video selection for Norient. «It was not easy finding videos after 2013 – some are older», he wrote us and here is what he finally digged out.
  • Norient
    Norient keeps searching for new sounds and puts together a regularly selection from Soundcloud. Enjoy or skip through tracks from upcoming and well-known artists from a wide variety of places. And read what some artists wrote about their tracks.
  • Rédha M.
    Starting with the godfathers of raï and early algerian hip-hop and ending with extreme Metal and a poem, Rédha M. from the podcast Radio Tashweesh rewrites a part of the history of the Algerian music for Norient.
  • Theresa Beyer
    Schweizer MusikethnologInnen fragen: Welche Rolle spielt die Erinnerung in der Neuen Schweizer Volksmusik? Wie ist Musik im kulturellen Gedächtnis gespeichert?
  • Norient
    Norient keeps searching for new sounds and puts together a monthly selection from Soundcloud. Enjoy or skip through tracks from upcoming and well-known artists from a wide variety of places. And read what some artists wrote about their tracks.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Grime tracks from the UK keep reaching us: noisy, harsh, power- and playful instrumentals and war dubs. London based producer Footsie tells us why Grime is on its way back. An overview.
  • Gregor Bulc
    The Croatian media connoisseur Željko Luketić presents his favorite songs and clips of electronic music from former Yugoslavia.
  • Faisal Mohammed Khan
    For its series «5 video clips from...» Norient asked electronic musician Faisal Khan to send his favorite video clips from his home country Bangladesh. The result: a versatile collection from Bangla Alter Rock to Hip Hop.
  • Tatjana Rauls
    What does the western world know about korean pop music? Indeed, a lot of us might have learned about a south korean entertainer that goes by the name of PSY – a funny guy with his own magnificent dance moves.
  • Norient
    Norient keeps searching for new sounds and puts together a monthly selection from Soundcloud. Enjoy or skip through tracks from upcoming and well-known artists from a wide variety of places. And read what some artists wrote about their tracks.
  • Renato Martins
    As some of you know, there is a new movement coming from de Rio de Janeiro, in a new style called Rasterinha. Some producers call it raggafunk or axé funk. An brief introduction to a new genre.
  • Tatjana Rauls
    The video production industry in Cameroon (Cameroun) is booming like never before. This a compilation of 5 videos that were or are some the hits the young teens love to watch nowadays.
  • Lucia Udvardyová
    An aural assemblage of field recordings from various locations across Syria, made in April and May 2011. The composition is a great example of suspense and orchestration of ready-made sounds.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    A short story of a keyboard virtuoso from Cairo: Islam Chipsy just released his first vinyl.
  • Theresa Beyer
    Die Bedingungen für experimentelle und improvisierte Musik in Belgrad unterscheiden sich sehr von denen in der Schweiz. Ein Blick auf die Ungleichheiten an den Swiss Music Days. Teil II der Blogging-Reise.
  • Julian Bonequi
    «From harsh noise to digital hardcore to electronica or electro-acoustic music.» describes C-drík Fermont his project Syrphe, label and database for experimental and noise music from Africa and Asia.
  • Bjørn Schaeffner
    Julian Sartorius ist kein Schlagzeuger, der brav Stöcke und Besen schwingt. Sein Spiel ist ständige Klangforschung. Neulich hat Sartorius ein Album des britischen Pop-Künstlers Merz frisch vertont.
  • Philip Vlahos
    Revolutionshymnen sind nichts für die Electro-Szene in Kairo. Sie hat es auch nach Mubarak nicht leicht und schliesst sich zu Kollektiven zusammen. Eines davon ist Kairo is Koming – es elektrisiert nun die Schweiz, Wien und Berlin.
  • Theresa Beyer
    Die Swiss Music Days holen experimentelle Musiker aus der Schweiz auf den Balkan. Wie präsentiert sich die Delegation musikalisch? Auf welche Orte und Menschen trifft sie? Eine Multimedia-Reportage aus Belgrad.
  • Xander Ferreira
    Norient asked me to send a collection of my favourite video clips from my home country South Africa. I offer you seven clips.
  • Georg Milz
    Norient Blogger Georg Milz is in Istanbul to update you on new music and trends of the largest city in Europe. In the next ten days he'll link up with artists, talk to labels and club-owners, and discover musicians from Dubstep to Folklore.
  • Theresa Beyer
    Bounce ist energetischer, afroamerikanischer Rap mit hinternbetonten Tänzen aus New Orleans, der Anfang der 1990er Jahre entstanden ist. Eine besonders schillernde Gestalt der Bounce-Szene ist Big Freedia Queen Diva.
  • Norient
    Enjoy our latest Swiss-Fondue-Fufu-Mix, and dive into podcasts and articles around music and musicians from Switzerland – from musicians with or without a Swiss passport.
  • Carl Melchers
    Nashville, im US-Bundesstaat Tennessee, ist seit den fünfziger Jahren bekannt als »Music City, USA«. Ein Reisebericht und ein Versuch, das Phänomen des Country zu enträtseln.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Im Film «Liquid Land» sprechen Musiker der experimentellen improvisierten Szene über New Orleans. Ein Interview mit der Schweizer Filmemacherin Michelle Ettlin und dem Schweizer Musiker Simon Berz.
  • Georg Modestin
    Der Film «Bury The Hatchet» schaut hinter die Kulissen der farbenfrohen Mardi Gras-Paraden am Karneval von New Orleans und folgt den Chiefs von drei Stämmen.
  • Jonathan Fischer
    Sieben Jahre nachdem Hurrikan Katrina New Orleans verwüstet hat, sind fiebrige Brassbands und tanzende und trommelnde Mardi Gras Indians populärer als je zuvor – und das weit über Louisiana hinaus.
  • Eckehard Pistrick
    Zwei neue Alben zeigen zwei unterschiedliche Bearbeitungsformen von Soundscape-Aufnahmen: Das Porträt eines Hupen-Orchesters aus Accra oder ein mystisches Klangkunstwerk aus flüchtigen und ewigen Sounds von den Schwarzmeerküsten.
  • Theresa Beyer
    Am 26. und 27. August fand in der Tonhalle Zürich die dritte «Stubete am See» statt. Unter den 40 Konzerten der 27 Ensembles sagten besonders die 13 Premieren viel über den aktuellen Umgang mit Volksmusik aus: es darf mehr gewagt werden.
  • Theresa Beyer
    Eine Dampflok fährt 200 Konzertbesucher in 2350 m Höhe zum Konzert des Alphornquartetts Hornroh – was wie eine sonntagliche Tourismus-Kaffeefahrt anmutet, wird zum aussergewöhnlichen Musikerlebnis. Ein Bericht in Bild und Ton.
  • Katrin Wilke
    Wenn die jungen Cantautores ihre Stimmen gegen Staatschef Piñera erheben und der Studentenbewegung den Soundtrack liefern, strömt Revolutionsgeist durch Chile. Nach der «Nueva» nun die «Novísima» Canción?
  • Ahmad Zatari
    Using folk songs from Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, and Kuwait, Yasmine Hamdan’s self-titled new album revives the music of the region with an unheard of frankness and freshness.
  • Xing Rong Zhang
    Lisu is a small minority group with a population of about 635,000 in China. Ethnography and Review of Yan Chun Su’s Documentary «Treasure of the Lisu».
  • Florian Carl
    Ghanaian Gospel Music, Born-Again Christianity, and the Nonconformity of the Ethnographer. // This discussion of the gospel phenomenon in Ghana will be framed by a critical reflection on ethnomusicological methodology.
  • Michael Spahr
    Wer in Russland gegen Putin protestierst riskiert jahrelange Haftstrafen. Teil Zwei der Norient-Berichterstattung über russische Protestmusik und den Prozess gegen die feministische Punkband Pussy Riot.
  • Christoph Fellmann
    In «Balkan Melodie» macht sich Stefan Schwietert auf die Spuren osteuropäischer Weltmusikstars der 70er- und 80er-Jahre. Der Film zeigt, wie Volksmusik gespielt wird. Aber noch mehr, wie sie vereinnahmt, vermarktet und verworfen wird.
  • Norient
    The song «Shock» by French-Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux became the soundtrack of the Chilean student movement. The title of her newly released album «La bala» lives up to its promise of powerfulness.
  • Samuel Burri
    Ein Tanzstil ist Ghanas neuer Stolz - und vielleicht ein wenig Trost für das Ausscheiden der ghanaischen Fussballer am Afrika Cup.
  • David-Emil Wickström
    Scandinavia evokes a wide range of connotations. For some these include breathtaking landscapes and a life close to nature, however for others these connotations include high taxes, a nanny state and despite expensive alcohol prices alcohol abuse. A CD review.
  • Wilma Rall
    «The Shukar Collective Project» ist mehr als ein Dokumentarfilm über ein interkulturelles Musik-Projekt. Es ist eine Dokumentation des Zusammenpralls zweier Welten.
  • Miriam Gazzah
    This is a story about the empowering force of (Moroccan) hip hop.
  • Ueli Bernays
    Sie gehört nicht nur zu den originellsten Singer/Songwritern der Schweizer Musikszene. Heidi Happy profiliert sich immer wieder auch als Arrangeurin.
  • Ane Hebeisen
    Björk, Thom Yorke oder Herbie Hancock sind flammende Verehrer der afrikanischen Gruppe Konono No. 1, die ihre Berühmtheit einer technischen Unzulänglichkeit in ihrem Instrumentenpark verdankt.
  • Stefan Franzen
    Mit der aktuellen Afrofunk-Welle trifft auch die Musik aus dem Ghana der 1970er wieder ans europäische Ohr. Im Land selbst kümmern die alten Helden jedoch fast niemanden – dort regiert der Hiplife.
  • Eric Mandel
    Das erste hebräische Groove-Festival in Tel Aviv bot für 120 Schekel binnen acht Stunden vier Bands und eine Handvoll DJs – eine volle Packung, für wenig Geld.
  • Susanne Schanda
    Musik ist nicht einfach Musik. Sie steht und entsteht in enger Wechselwirkung mit gesellschaftlichen und politischen Entwicklungen. Dies gilt besonders für die moderne Türkei, die sich seit hundert Jahren an den Gegensätzen von Ost und West reibt.
  • Sarah Chaker
    Ein Bauerndorf in Deutschland wird überschwemmt von «Wochenend-Metallern»! Ein Dokumentarfilm von Cho Sung-Hyung (Korea/Deutschland).
  • Michael Spahr
    «Fokofpolisiekar» – ein Rockumentarfilm und eine Film über die Post-Apartheid-Gesellschaft in Südafrika.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Die rasend schnellen Melodie-Pattern dieser neu entdeckten Musik aus Südafrika werden mit der «Minimal Music» von Steve Reich verglichen. Sie klingen aber ganz anders.
  • Sandeep Bhagwati
    «Vorher war mein Elternhaus fast eine Insel der Stille im indischen Alltag gewesen, jetzt waren wir überall die lautesten Nachbarn.» Der Komponist Sandeep Bhagwati wuchs in Indien auf, heute lebt er in Deutschland.
  • Georg Milz
    Outhere Records publishes Urban Music from South Africa.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    «Sorry Vater, ich muss die Farm verlassen, weil ich brauche die Disco-Luft»: Gazelle ist eine von verschiedenen Kunst-Ikonen und Trendsettern in Südafrika. An der Art Basel fährt er mit einem Mercedes vor und verteilt Schwarzgeld.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Stefan Eicher, Produzenten oder Afrika-Romantiker: Sie alle pilgern nach Mali, wo der Blues noch etwas über das Gemüt der Menschen aussagt. In Wirklichkeit ist die Weltmusik zum harten Geschäft geworden. Eine Reportage aus dem Innern eines Mythos.
  • Eran Sachs
    The sound artist and peace activist Eran Sachs takes us to a journey through the nearer history of Israel’s underground music scenes: Death Metal, Doom Metal, Punk, Noise, Electro-acoustic experiments, and much more.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    A plea for more intercultural musical exchanges between Switzerland and the Balkans, presented at the International Symposium «Urban Music in the Balkans» in Tirana 2006.