• Nadav Appel
    Israeli culture is strangely nostalgic. Five clips that represent different strains of nostalgia among various sectors in Israeli society. These videos depict and construct a multitude of pasts both individual and collective, real and imagined.
  • Lisa Akbary
    After the Taliban Regime made the playing and hearing of music illegal and impossible, in the past 12 years music in Afghanistan has come back to life and taken a new and modern path. There is no place in the country, where you don’t hear new hits.
  • Jenny Fatou Mbaye
    Dive into the Sounds of Senegal, where the one are praising our mothers and women and the other gathering many of the creative and cultural entrepreneurs who make Dakar’s city hip and happening.
  • Hyunjoon Shin
    Since the rise of Psy the whole world now knows about Korea's vivid music scene. But there's a lot more to the scene than just «Gangnam Style»: Hyunjoon Shin shows us some highlights between Seoul and Busan.
  • Cande Sánchez Olmos
    The ways in which music videos generate money have changed since the days of MTV. The rise of YouTube came along with the hope for democratization, but this as been diluted due to corporatization. Is this a threat to cultural diversity?
  • Holger Lund
    Soziale Gefüge benötigen beides: Zusammenhalt und Platz für den Einzelnen als Einzelnen. Aktuelle Musikvideos zeigen das Ringen um eine soziale Positionierung zwischen Vereinzelung als Gefahr und Einsamkeit als Befreiung.
  • Jovica Radisavljevic
    Im Video zum Stahlberger-Song «Du verwachsch wieder nume...» verwischt Regisseur Jovica Radisavljevic die Grenzen von Realität und Wahn. Hier erzählt er, wie es dazu kam und was es heisst, mit Minimal-Budget maximal kreativ zu sein.
  • Hannes Liechti
    The viral music video «Formidable» of the Belgian musician Stromae reached almost 120 million YouTube hits in two years. We talked to the Belgian music video director Jérôme Guiot about the process of creating a marketing buzz.
  • Renato Martins
    The Brazilian music style funk ostentação is the South-American version of the «pimp model» in U.S. rap. In his comment, Renato Martins asks why an MC would «sing about expensive cars and motorbikes».
  • Helmi
    French director Helmi (Division Paris) directed the 2014 music video «Champs-Élysées» by Bonnie Banane and Walter Mecca (Waltaa). For Norient he reflects on the making-off, nostalgia, the aesthetics of the 1990s – and the money.
  • Pascal Rudolph
    The progressive rock band The D/A Method has been described as a unique addition to the Pakistani music landscape. With Gali Films and its director Kamal Khan, they recently published a video clip of the song «The Desert Journey». An interview.
  • Ariel Altamirano V.
    In Chile the video clip has become an important artistic tool and a socio-political weapon. Our author Ariel Altamirano V. from Discos Pegaos comments on a music video by Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux.
  • Theresa Beyer
    In low-budget music videos, necessity is the mother of invention. One of the best examples of this is «Picolé», a clip co-directed by forty-five directors. Javier Lourenço from the Argentinian collective Flamboyant Paradise takes us behind the scenes.
  • Jesse Samba Wheeler
    In 2013 Curitiba-based electropop band Bonde do Rolê released their music video «Picolé». A video celebrating the popsicle and directed by forty-five directors. Our author asks: How is this possible?
  • Hannes Liechti
    Dancing women at a pool party, mens with guns and barbecued sausages. An attempt of understanding the music video «Pau, Perereca e cu - PPC» by the Brazil musicians Harmonia do Sampler.
  • Benedikt Sartorius
    Anlässlich des 2014 erschienenen Musikvideos «Du verwachsch wieder nume i dinere Wonig» von Stahlberger, blickt unser Autor auf die Geschichte des Mediums Musikvideo zurück und dekonstruiert die Codes von Bandvideos.
  • Tara Mahadevan
    Rap is slowly moving away from being money-centric to again, being about the music. This is what Hail Mary Mallon completely miss with their 2014 music video «Whales», an ironic view on wealth in hip hop culture. A critical commentary.
  • Maxime Pasques
    A second commentary in French on the video «Formidable» by Belgium singer Stromae, written for our book «Seismographic Sounds. Visions of a New World». An elaboration on the typical Belgian «bonhomme» mentality.
  • Wanlov The Kubolor
    I was thoroughly fooled by Stromae’s video for «Formidable» the first time I saw it. I found Stromae to be very intelligent, beautiful, meticulous and his music made me want to dance. A commentary from a Sub-Saharan perspective.
  • Jesse Weaver Shipley
    The song «BRKN LNGWJZ» and its video announce the FOKN Bois as critical, global, political, and absurdist hip hop voices. It marks the birth of international pidgin rap not only as a style once can dance to, but as a modernist multi-media art form.
  • Mutombo da Poet
    When «BRKN LNGWJZ» by the Ghanaian rap duo FOKN Bois was released, I had to watch the video over and over again. It was different from what I have seen in other videos by Ghanaian artists. A commentary.
  • Simon A. Akindes
    When African musicians denounce corruption in music videos, they often focus on its pettiness. Seun Kuti and Fiesta Black are two examples of artists who also tackle international, corporate-based corruption.
  • Heinrich Deisl
    The austrian artist Soap&Skin makes highly dialectic music. In her self made video with grainy black-and-white images of the song «Sugarbread» she invokes nothing less than the cleansing power of the apocalypse.
  • Miguel Hilari
    In the podcast the two members members of the Bolivian experimental hardcore punk band Gato Diablo Bernardo Reb Rojas and Espírito speak about what it means to live in Boliva, funding strategies of their music and nationalistic feelings in Bolivia.
  • Luca Gricinella
    The first article on Norient.com in Italian is a commentary on the 2014 music video «Orangutan» by artist and activist Karima 2G. A commentary from the Norient book «Seismographic Sounds».
  • Kasper Aebi
    Neue Musikvideos von MusikerInnen wie Holly Herndon und Kevin Abstract beschäftigen sich mit der Dualität von Laptopscreens – und changieren zwischen virtuellen Fantasiewelten und politischen Realitäten.
  • Norient
    A keyphrase from the Norient project «Seismographic Sounds» designed by Shonegrad O'Connor (Serbia/Canada).
  • Atiyyah Khan
    Rapper Okmalumkoolkat channels his experiences from South Africa into his music with ease. He looks inward, back into the past, and forward to an imaginary future. In his video «Allblackblackkat» he mixes a variety of dreamlike elements.
  • Giacomo Bottà
    A lonely and sad man, sitting on a conveyor belt, scanning fizzy drinks and marshmallows. That's (almost) all you see in the video «Jukka-Pekka» by Olimpia Splendid. A critique of the capitalist labor system: that's how our author reads it.
  • Gaudenz Badrutt
    Das Musikvideo wird im Bereich der experimentellen und der Neuen Musik nur selten aufgegriffen. Diese Clips zeigen verschiedenste Ansätze, wie mit dem Medium Video umgegangen werden kann.
  • Georg Milz
    To start the new year ethnologist and journalist Georg Milz sent us a list with five music videos from all around Africa. He shows us some really nice clips between pidgin pop, hip hop pantsula and house.
  • Ana Rab (Gnučči)
    «If you don’t appreciate this you basically don’t have feelings.» Word! See how Ana Gnučči Rab showcases Sweden's diverse and fascinating creative scene with a lot of thrilling dancing moves.
  • Jean Poole
    For the first time we are heading to the Australian continent for our videoclip series. Melbourne based video producer Jean Poole compiled a selection from Down Under between basketball court and sci-fi animation.
  • Aero Manyelo
    Watching this video list by South African house DJ Aero Manyelo we immediately remember, how he made us dancing to his beats at Norient Clubnight 2013. This list is shaped by South African house, called kwaito, which is currently ruling the townships.
  • Syndicate
    The audio-visual collective Syndicate sent us a highly varied journey through beautiful and well produced pictures and some lo-fi aesthetics from Singapore. We even stop by the Taoist Disneyland of Haw Par Villa.
  • Valentin Zill
    Three years have passed by since the end of the last crisis in Côte d'Ivoire. Now, an atmosphere of departure can be felt throughout the country. This list reflects this atmosphere without forgetting about the problems the country is facing.
  • Cornelia Lund
    Crucial changes in society have transformed our notions of gender and sex. The music video is one step ahead, demonstrating and testing new forms of gender and love.
  • Kevin Elamrani
    From techno to hip hop – from animation to satire. Kevin Elamrani, a young video artist from Paris, shows us a selection of eclectic videos with singular atmospheres from France, starting with a nightly party at your friends place.
  • Jaaz Odongo
    Kenyan producer Jaaz Odongo sent us his top five from his country. It was hard for him to compile this list, because – as he said – «there have been many good songs these past two years. But these songs don't necessarily posses great music video qualities.»
  • Ethiopian Records
    Internet connection troubles took Addis Abeba based musician Ethiopian Records several weeks to finish his video selection for Norient. «It was not easy finding videos after 2013 – some are older», he wrote us and here is what he finally digged out.
  • Meg
    Naples-born singer Meg has chosen five video clips from Italy for our series. Her selection shows: Italy is the place to be for electronic music. And: electronic music can't live without strong imageries.
  • Daniel Künzler
    On 9 July 2014, South Sudan turned three years old. Decades of civil war, high flying hopes, disillusionment, humor and creativity shape the musical creation of South Sudanese artists.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    In Kampala, musicians, dj’s and video producers try to compete with artists in big markets like Nigeria and Kenya. Hear and watch latest tracks and clips from the Equator.
  • Stefan Franzen
    Für unsere 5 Video Clips-Serie wühlte der deutsche Musikjournalist Stefan Franzen in seinem Archiv und offeriert uns hier fünf Videoperlen aus Brasilien. Die Reise beginnt im nördlichen Pará und besucht unter anderem den «Jay-Z Brasiliens».
  • Gregor Bulc
    The Croatian media connoisseur Željko Luketić presents his favorite songs and clips of electronic music from former Yugoslavia.
  • Theresa Beyer
    Queer hip hop clips are avalanches of images, beats and powerful words. Norient collected 17 of them and shows, how hip hop artists raise their voice for a queer consciousness and LGTB rights.
  • Tatjana Rauls
    What does the western world know about korean pop music? Indeed, a lot of us might have learned about a south korean entertainer that goes by the name of PSY – a funny guy with his own magnificent dance moves.
  • Jeans for Jesus
    2013 überraschten die Berner Indie-Electropopper aus Bern mit einem knalligen Video zu ihrem Sommerhit «Estavayeah». Für Norient kommentieren Jeans for Jesus ihre wichtigsten Einflüsse von Gangsta-Rap bis Surrealismus.
  • Wanlov The Kubolor
    For its new series Norient asked Wanlov The Kubolor from FOKN Bois to send a collection of his favorite video clips from his home country Ghana.
  • Xander Ferreira
    Norient asked me to send a collection of my favourite video clips from my home country South Africa. I offer you seven clips.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    A new electro/rap album from Beirut inspired me to continue clicking through the World Wide Web. Within transnational Lebanese networks I found great, crazy, funny, strange and sometimes also worrying videos, tracks, as well as a book.
  • Urs Hangartner
    Der Dokumentarfilm «Die Wiesenberger» gewann den Publikumspreis bei den Solothurner Filmtagen. Der Jodlerklub Wiesenberg ist damit schon wieder in den Medien. Club-Präsident Thomas Gisler erklärt, wie sie mit dem Erfolg umgehen.
  • Daniel J. Gilman
    During the 2011 revolution, most Egyptian pop singers said nothing. Now they are back and praising the national martyrs in song. A PR gaffe or more?
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Das Kapstadter Kollektiv Die Antwoord hat sich dank seiner Schrägheit, Selbstironie via Facebook zur Kultband gemausert. Jetzt liegt das erste Album der Gruppe vor.