• Christophe Jaquet
    Christophe Jaquet describes in his fan confession, that the radical musician, thinker, hacker, philanthrope, activist, and curious figure Goodiepal saved him from being depressed about the future of music.
  • Samčo Brat Dáždoviek
    Grown on the Czech music platform bandzone, anti-music is a trashy music wave that is about music that nobody wants to listen to: amateurish lo-fi recordings made by funny and nerdy «musicians» who play old and broken music instruments.
  • Michael Kinzer
    Punks didn't give a fuck. Dux Content cares. Read a second commentary on the music video «Life Style» by digital pop duo Dux Content. «It's entertaining» our author states. And: «It leaves imprints of zapping images that will fit each viewer’s obsessions.»
  • Adam Harper
    Dux Content is one of the less well known but arguably most interesting acts under the umbrella of the controversial new London-based label PC Music. The first of two commentaries on their colorful music video «Life Style».
  • Britt Brown
    Olimpia Splendid transcend Finland’s tight-knit free folk scene with giddy punk recklessness. This year they released their debut album. With their video clip «Jukka-Pekka» they are part of the Norient book and exhibition «Seismographic Sounds».
  • Daniel Künzler
    It was on 11 February 2014 in the Kariakoo neighbourhood in Dar es Salaam when I learned the sad news: The tape is on the brink of extinction.
  • Theresa Beyer
    Cairo Liberation Front ist das erste westliche DJ-Kollektiv, das sich Electro Sha‘abi aus Kairo einverleibt. Im Interview spricht Joost Heijthuijsen über seine Sha‘abi-Faszination, sein Selbstverständnis und die Grenzen des Verstehens.
  • Christopher Kirkley
    A compilation of music collected from memory cards of cellular phones in the Saharan desert. And it's coming to vinyl.
  • Werner Graebner
    Jagwa Music: A bricolage of old-style Zaramo drums; a battered stool beaten with sticks; a small Casio hand organ; and singers belting out songs on how to survive in the urban maze of Dar es Salaam.