• Lisa Akbary
    After the Taliban Regime made the playing and hearing of music illegal and impossible, in the past 12 years music in Afghanistan has come back to life and taken a new and modern path. There is no place in the country, where you don’t hear new hits.
  • Luise Wolf
    The music of Jenny Hval engages you in ambivalent journeys. In her song «That Battle is Over», she reflects not just our inner but also our political realities. Read a sonic fiction essay.
  • Luise Wolf
    Music is more than just melodies and rhythm. It has a guttural level, and contains sound that is free from symbolic meanings. The singer Audrey Chen is obsessed with these acoustic materialities and creates a sonic language with her voice.
  • Kasper Aebi
    Neue Musikvideos von MusikerInnen wie Holly Herndon und Kevin Abstract beschäftigen sich mit der Dualität von Laptopscreens – und changieren zwischen virtuellen Fantasiewelten und politischen Realitäten.
  • Mischa Mathys
    «I can almost imagine my music as pop music, but for a different era of human history, maybe a history of insects». The composer and writer David Toop talks about about his interest in distortion and why he doesn't listen to music anymore.