• Susan Lindholm
    The Scandinavian code of conduct «jantelagen» encourages modesty and conformity. The movie «Silvana» shows, how the Swedish rapper Silvana Imam celebrates the exact opposite: pride and individuality.
  • Audio Pervert
    Bollywood has been dominated by men and patriarchal values for decades. But things are changing slowly. Bollywood composer Audio Pervert presents emerging female artists aiming for recognition in a nation of 662 million women.
  • Hannes Liechti
    Dancing women at a pool party, mens with guns and barbecued sausages. An attempt of understanding the music video «Pau, Perereca e cu - PPC» by the Brazil musicians Harmonia do Sampler.
  • Philipp Rhensius
    In Botswana, heavy metal is a subversive form of self-expression, especially if the fans are female. The South African photographer Paul Shiakallis captured the metal «queens» in their homes. Norient spoke to him about his experiences with the Marok.
  • Michael Spahr
    Wer in Russland gegen Putin protestierst riskiert jahrelange Haftstrafen. Teil Zwei der Norient-Berichterstattung über russische Protestmusik und den Prozess gegen die feministische Punkband Pussy Riot.
  • Sergey Chernov
    Since their performance in a Moscow cathedral in February, three women of the Russian queer Punk band «Pussy riots» are in custody. In this article from before the arrest, the Riots talk about their artistic-political aims. Free Pussy!