• Thomas Burkhalter
    Chino Amobi is heavily sampling in his tracks, from airport soundscapes to chicken clucks and – not least – gun shots. In this short quote he explains why the latter are in fact uniting people.
  • Raffael Dörig
    An average pop song counts around one thousand notes, while a typical Black MIDI track is several millions. Black MIDI composers – called «Blackers» – try to challenge computers, ears, and eyes with enormous numbers of super-short and dense notes.
  • Hannes Liechti
    In times of constantly bubbling news tickers that have long ago stopped covering sport events only, Berlin-based James Whipple has produced a LP that is dealing with the resultant feeling of information overload.
  • Hannes Liechti
    Musikvermittlung 2.0: Die App «Memoreille» verbindet in einem Sound-Memory Kompositionen von zeitgenössischen Klangkünstlern und experimentellen Musikerinnen. Rezension und Portrait von drei ausgewählten Levels.