• Tosyn Bucknor
    Nigerian singer Temi DollFace finds herself on a «one-woman mission to put the theatrics back into live music». In the podcast she talks about fashion, being a female artist in Nigeria, and the gap between critical acclaim and mainstream chart success.
  • Dominik Irtenkauf
    The death metal band Overthrust from Botswana is a central part of Africas lively metal scene. Their singer Tshomarelo Mosaka about the local scene, breaking taboos and the cathartic effect of listening to metal as watching a horror movie.
  • Wayne Marshall
    A kaleidoscopic tumble through decades of international street fashion, the video clip «Champs-Élysées» by Bonnie Banane poses puzzles about class and style. It’s not clear that it transcends the pitfalls of classface minstrelsy, or even gives a shit.
  • Christoph Fellmann
    Pop ist ein Posen- und Mienenspiel, das seine Akteure 
immer wieder dazu verleitet, sich zu maskieren. 
Am besten, aber auch am gefährlichsten ist dieses Spiel 
allerdings dann, wenn die Maske unsichtbar bleibt.
  • Jacek Szczepanek
    It is importation to which disco polo, Poland’s domestic electronic dance music genre, owes most of its sound. It was the political system flip of 1989 that shaped its troubled fate within Polish society. Part two of Norient’s guide to disco polo: History.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Kadebostany are nominated for «Best Live Act» and «Best Talent National» at the Swiss Music Awards 2014. Norient asked the band from Geneva how they translate references from militarism and Spanish Saeta singing into their music.
  • Georg Milz
    Outhere Records publishes Urban Music from South Africa.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    «Sorry Vater, ich muss die Farm verlassen, weil ich brauche die Disco-Luft»: Gazelle ist eine von verschiedenen Kunst-Ikonen und Trendsettern in Südafrika. An der Art Basel fährt er mit einem Mercedes vor und verteilt Schwarzgeld.