• Holger Lund
    Soziale Gefüge benötigen beides: Zusammenhalt und Platz für den Einzelnen als Einzelnen. Aktuelle Musikvideos zeigen das Ringen um eine soziale Positionierung zwischen Vereinzelung als Gefahr und Einsamkeit als Befreiung.
  • Maha ElNabawi
    The music of Ben Frost tells stories without words. In his album «The Centre Cannot Hold», he is held captive aboard an aircraft carrier on which the only escape is music. Read a sonic fiction essay.
  • Rudolf Eb.er
    Is noise music a rebellion against liberalism, propaganda and conformism? Is it warfare against overfed, ignorant and cold societies? We asked noise artist Rudolf Eb.er what noise music is about. Here he guides us through names, artistic concepts, and subgenres.
  • Michal Sapir
    Most Israeli Jews have only a sketchy idea of what goes on in neighboring Arab countries. Through abstractions like maps, heads of state, standardized language, and propaganda, Israeli noise artist David Opp confronts a paranoid anticipation of war.
  • Heinrich Deisl
    The austrian artist Soap&Skin makes highly dialectic music. In her self made video with grainy black-and-white images of the song «Sugarbread» she invokes nothing less than the cleansing power of the apocalypse.
  • Martin Daughtry
    By sampling footage from contemporary sci-fi and action films, the video «Mecha» by Nguzunguzu appears to take the same delight in the spectacle of combat as the Italian Futurists did at the beginning of the last century.
  • Andy Markowitz
    In some Jamaican jails, prisoners can join a music-focused rehabilitation program. The award winning documentary «Songs of Redemption» is a fascinating portrait about the power of music. An interview with the co-director Amanda Sans.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Environmental sounds challenge Matthew Herbert more than a piano does. With noises of exploding bombs, collapsing buildings, and a dying pig he creates both abstract tracks and happy dance music. Challenging territories.
  • Elizabeth Clendinning
    Tron, a computer program champion who fights for the human Users against the megalomaniacal Master Control Program of the ENCOM computer mainframe.
  • Philipp Rhensius
    Die Grime-Szene in der britischen Hauptstadt steht unter scharfer Beobachtung der Polizei. Nach den Riots im Sommer 2011 müssen Clubbetreiber und MCs besonders kreativ sein, um ungestört feiern zu können.