• Jenny Fatou Mbaye
    In this clip from the news show «Journal Rappé» from 2014 Senegalese hip hop pioneer Xuman used the famous hit «Formidable» by Stromae and turned it into a parody on a fallen local politician.
  • Aisha Deme
    Since 2013 the Senegalese news show «Journal Rappé» merges rap with daily news. The concept of the two hip hop pioneers Keyti and Xuman is innovative and creative, as our authors think; and the means of parody has become crucial to the show.
  • Rudolf Dethu
    In their video «House of Greed» Indonesian heavy metal band Burgerkill talks about the massive corruption in their home country. Indonesian journalist Rudolf Dethu shows how robbery affects the music business and jeopardizes youth-driven subcultures.
  • Jeremy Wallach
    Our author comments on the 2014 music video «House of Greed» by the Indonesian metal band Burgerkill. He thereby talks about the tradition of popular music as a vehicle of political and social criticism in Indonesia.
  • Rudolf Dethu
    In this podcast the guitarists from the Indonesian heavy metal band Burgerkill talk about the massive corruption in the country, their economical situation, the consequences of digitization and their protest song «House of Greed».
  • Simon A. Akindes
    When African musicians denounce corruption in music videos, they often focus on its pettiness. Seun Kuti and Fiesta Black are two examples of artists who also tackle international, corporate-based corruption.
  • Refantho Ramadhan
    In his photo series for «Seismographic Sounds» on heavy metal band Burgerkill Indonesian photographer Refantho Ramadhan tries to give you a sense about how the government in Indonesia is massively corrupt.
  • Daniel Brown
    A wide legal arsenal has been used to drag musicians – and in particular urban rappers – into court and throw them unceremoniously into gaol.
  • Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah
    «Coz Ov Moni II» is the 2nd pigdin musical in African history. The FOKN Bois from Ghana are commenting on their country: congregational chapels, commercialization, corruption.
  • Daniel Künzler
    The author takes us on an exciting trip through the history of the archipelago of the Comoros. His tool is just an USB stick, full of current sounds in the style of coupé-décalé and local rap from this islands in the Indian Ocean.