• Cande Sánchez Olmos
    Spain scholar Cande Sánchez Olmos from Alicante discusses video clips from her country which are advertising popular brands. This might become a problem for the viewer: he or she cannot easily distinguish commercials from cultural objectives.
  • Philipp Rhensius
    Does the movie «Sinofuturism (1839–2046 AD)» confront us with a future China, that is an inhuman dystopia? No, says Philipp Rhensius. It just depends on the perspective on our world.
  • Jonna Karanka
    In their self-produced podcast the Finnish underground punk band Olimpia Splendid talk about existential loneliness, the economic depression, their own DIY approach, and their music video «Jukka-Pekka».
  • Lucia Udvardyová
    Far from folkloristic clichés and beyond the radar of the taste-shaping music press, there are alternative music scenes thriving in Central and Eastern Europe. Watch its most urgent video clips.
  • John Hutnyk
    Supermarkets are a popular setting for music videos. The cultural theorist John Hutnyk comments on this and presents a kind of a Marxist theory of shopping.
  • Adam Harper
    In the past decade, culture was longing for the nostalgic and authentic. The new Internet underground celebrates the contrary: hi-tech, artificiality and kitsch. Is it a critique of capitalism or a capitulation to it? Both and neither, says our author.
  • Giacomo Bottà
    A lonely and sad man, sitting on a conveyor belt, scanning fizzy drinks and marshmallows. That's (almost) all you see in the video «Jukka-Pekka» by Olimpia Splendid. A critique of the capitalist labor system: that's how our author reads it.
  • Carlos Pérez
    Gato Diablo's music video «Nunca Tendremos Mar» (We'll Never Have the Sea) discusses Bolivia's national trauma: the loss of its access to the sea in the War of the Pacific between 1879-1883.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Jose Chameleone is one of the most successful musicians in Uganda. He talks about bad media coverage, the two most magic moments in his career, his brand endorsement with Pepsi, the growing music markets in Africa, and his passion about music.
  • Christian Werthschulte
    Solange Pop seine eigenen Spielregeln thematisiert, wird schon etwas Gutes herauskommen – für Ariel Pink oder das britische Künstlerkollektiv PC Music gilt diese Formel nicht mehr.
  • Jeremy Wallach
    «Jalanan» shows the tale of three street buskers out of the Indonesian capital Jakarta, using vivid storytelling methods of reality television.
  • Barbara Mürdter
    «This tent kills fascists» stand bei Occupy Oakland Ende 2011 auf einem Zelt geschrieben. Der Reminiszenz an den Vorkämpfer Woody Guthrie zum Trotz: Warum bringt die US-amerikanische Jugendkultur heute keine neuen Woody Guthries hervor?
  • Giacomo Bottà
    Was ist Europa? Mitä on Eurooppa? Cos’è l’Europa? L’Europe c’est quoi? What is Europe? This is a good and confusing question. I actually have no idea anymore, so I started digging into popular music videos.
  • Eran Livni
    Sa 12.1 // The movie Little-Big presents the strange love story between Bulgarian metalhead Boris Red and Chalga-Pop princess Desi Slava. - Screened at 4. Norient Musikfilm Festival.
  • Keith Kahn-Harris
    Fr. 11.1 + Sa 12.1 // An upsetting, deranging yet most fabulous portrait about the norwegian black metal scene – screened at 4. Norient Musikfilm Festival.
  • Pan An
    It was almost 17 years ago, when techno and electronic music arrived in Athens. Many years in a row, «the new genre» and contemporary subculture was shaking the night life of Athens, where until today there is always a desire for a creative escapism.
  • Mark Duffett
    Fans celebrate the unwrapping of the new Elvis Presley box «A Boy From Tupelo» on YouTube.
  • Stefanie Alisch
    2/5 BZ, DVJ MyTube YouSpace, BerBat Söksal – the Istanbul based multi-media artist Serhat Köksal has been evolving a slew of aliases over the past 28 years.
  • Georg Milz
    Der Weg eines Müllmanns zum Dancehall Botschafter Nigerias: Wie Vocal Slender von einem Filmteam der BBC entdeckt wird.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Junge Belgrader Popmusiker suchen Anschluss an überregionale Szenen und Märkte. Eine Reportage von 2004! Norient sucht Updates...