• Martyn Pepperell
    When Peter Guyer and Thomas Burkhalter started making their film «Contradict» about the music scene in Ghana, an early topic of discussion was how to deal with the ethics of representation. Together with local artists, they decided to shoot a documentary that was not just about the scene, but created with it.
  • Kerstin Klenke
    Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West and Rod Stewart did it. They pimped their income by playing court musicians in Central Asia. This places them at the heart of very dirty politics. Do they care? Do we care?
  • Beate Scheder
    The sound artist Geert-Jan Hobjin combines sound art with political issues. His project «Plastic Souls» is a swimming instrument made of plastic waste from the ocean.
  • Martyn Pepperell
    The electronic musician FIS combines broken rhythms derived from somnambulant drum & bass and cinematic melodies with notions of a futurist naturalism. Martyn Pepperell talked to him about noise, permaculture and perfect harmony.
  • Benjamin LeBrave
    Another track from the 1+1 recording week in Lomé, Togo. Furthermore Benjamin LeBrave, founder of the Akwaaba record label in Accra, talked to 1+1 featured artist Yao Bobby about state pressure and his way to keep on standing straight.
  • Petra R. Rivera-Rideau
    Dances such as perreo in reggaeton receive much criticism for being sexist. But what do women who actually dance to them think? Our author sheds a different light on reggaeton’s sexual politics.
  • Cécile Olshausen
    In der Neuen Musik bewegt sich die jüngste Generation von Komponisten und Komponistinnen jenseits der Stilgrenzen – und entdeckt auch das politische Engagement wieder. Eine Tour d'Horizon von Johannes Kreidler bis Cathy van Eck.