• Andrin Uetz
    Since the 2014 Umbrella Movement, Hong Kong’s art and music industries have been baptized by a political awakening. Creatives like Kacey Wong and Denise Ho rebel against the pro-Beijing establishment, and now a number of artists got elected into district councils (Chow 2019). Among them, Susi Law stands out with a passion for listening and sounds. She is not one for big speeches or loud campaigning. Instead, she is a city explorer, a curious stroller. In this commentary, I want to point out how her aural sensitivity could be beneficial to Hong Kong’s current political crisis.
  • Martyn Pepperell
    «People in Ghana have gone overboard with religion, politics, and corruption», says FOKN Bois' Wanlov the Kubolor. A critical investigation of the relevance of religion and churches in Ghana.
  • Christophe Jaquet
    Christophe Jaquet describes in his fan confession, that the radical musician, thinker, hacker, philanthrope, activist, and curious figure Goodiepal saved him from being depressed about the future of music.
  • Lisa Blanning
    The documentary film «Matangi/Maya/M.I.A.» portrays the popstar M.I.A. as a multi-faceted person.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    The Egyptian Revolution of 2011 and the political turmoil in the years since have changed the country. How did underground musicians, DJs and songwriters from Cairo react, and how did the events influence their art?
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    David Oppenheim is a drummer and runs a label for extreme music in Tel Aviv. He talks about the difficulty an Israeli artist faces when trying to balance art and activism. Musicians in neighboring, but closed off, Lebanon know this difficulty.
  • Milena Krstic
    Seit sechs Jahren findet das Chale Wote Street Art Festival in Accra statt – und ist ein Ort der radikalen Inklusion. Das kostenlose Event in Ghanas Hauptstadt zeigt moderne Kunst auf der Strasse statt in schicken Galerien.
  • Michal Sapir
    Most Israeli Jews have only a sketchy idea of what goes on in neighboring Arab countries. Through abstractions like maps, heads of state, standardized language, and propaganda, Israeli noise artist David Opp confronts a paranoid anticipation of war.
  • Emma Dabiri
    With her video «Orangutan» Italian artist and activist Karima 2G responded on racist comments of Italian politicians in the context of the election of Italy's first black government minister Cécile Kyenge in 2013.
  • Mona Aurich
    Our author understands the 2014 music video «I·M·A·M (jj Remix)» by Swedish rapper Silvana Imam as a call for fight. She finds proof in both the lyrics and the video footage. Further she asks: who will be included in the revolution, proclaimed by Imam?
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    The Israeli sound artist Meira Asher combines art with political activism. In this podcast she talks about her latest projects that deal with militarization and her artwork «One Blanket Lost» about Nigerian girls being prostituted in the European sex business.
  • C-drík Fermont
    Dmytro Fedorenko and Kateryna Zavoloka are two Ukrainian composers from Kiev who moved to Vienna two years ago. Zavoloka's EP «Volya» is inspired by the Ukrainian revolution. An interview on music, war, and protest.
  • Jenny Tang
    Under Trump, the US government is actively depriving artists, while the US media wants their citizens to truly listen to each other. How does the musical «underground» react to this? An essayistic report about artistic protest in New York.
  • Jonas Engelmann
    Punk war nie so offen, wie er gerne predigte. Trotz Kritik an Sexismus und Rassismus, war der Stil vor allem ein Soundtrack männlicher, weisser Vorort-Jugendlicher. In L.A. war das immer schon anders, zeigt der Film «Los Punks: We Are All We Have».
  • Daniel Brown
    A wide legal arsenal has been used to drag musicians – and in particular urban rappers – into court and throw them unceremoniously into gaol.
  • Ali Haider Habib
    In their 2014 music video «#Kholo BC» Karachi-based rapper and comedian Ali Gul Pir and rapper and singer/songwriter Adil Omar criticize the Pakistani government for banning the video-sharing site YouTube.
  • Christoph Fellmann
    M.I.A. choreografiert Flüchtlinge, Antony erwärmt das Klima im Club, und Kate Tempest ruft schon mal den Aufstand aus: Drei spektakuläre neue Songs schliessen das politischste Popjahr seit langem ab.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Not many performers reach the intensity, harshness and nastiness of Israeli sound and noise artist and activist Meira Asher. Norient met her to talk about her main topic «reducing militarism».
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Music, sounds and noises from the Arab World – The Norient Performance is out now! Collected and mixed by the Norient collective. Vinyl and digital.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Rapper Ali Gul Pir from Karachi has a lot of courage. His video clips about feudal lords and against the YouTube ban in Pakistan inspired hot controversies. Gul Pir received death threats. «I want to be a man who mattered», he says in this interview.
  • Georg Milz
    In seiner satirischen Nachrichtensendung Journal Rappé macht der senegalesische Rapper Xuman News aus Politik, Religion und Sport strassenkompatibel.
  • Christina Caprez
    Der Film City of Sounds zeigt die Nachwehen der Revolution aus der Perspektive ägyptischer Musikerinnen und Musiker. Und er ist die Geschichte einer langjährigen Freundschaft.
  • Andrin Uetz
    Around the protests in Hong Kong a hole art movement is growing. New songs accompany the demonstrations, and speak out for democracy. A round-up of protest videos.
  • Jeremy Wallach
    Warning: This list is very political – and very loud. It's about greed, honesty, corruption and – what else could it be - love. We see a country which is likely home to the most massive hard rock, metal, and punk scenes in Asia.
  • Anne Haack
    A video journey through a country which is hovering between modernity and tradition, between eastern and western influences, between traditional Moroccan music and modern styles such as hip hop, reggae and dubstep.
  • Lucia Farinati
    With her new solo show artist Anna Raimondo is exploring the relational horizon of voice and its linguistic and political implications. An interview about her project, the idea of resonance and feminism.
  • Norient
    Norient keeps searching for new sounds and puts together a monthly selection from Soundcloud. Enjoy or skip through tracks from upcoming and well-known artists from a wide variety of places. And read what some artists wrote about their tracks.
  • Lucia Udvardyová
    An aural assemblage of field recordings from various locations across Syria, made in April and May 2011. The composition is a great example of suspense and orchestration of ready-made sounds.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Die alternativen Musikszenen in Kairo sind in den letzten Jahren stark gewachsen. Metal, Indie Rock, Punk, Rap, Elektronika, Mahragan - es sollen rund 600 Bands, Kollektive und DJs sein. Ein Überblick.
  • Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah
    «Coz Ov Moni II» is the 2nd pigdin musical in African history. The FOKN Bois from Ghana are commenting on their country: congregational chapels, commercialization, corruption.
  • Ivan Gololobov
    January 9th and 11th 2014: Norient Musicfilm Festival. The documentary «Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer» asks: Who should really be under scrutiny. A punk collective or the society? The russian ex-punk Ivan Gololobov follows these thoughts.
  • Julian Voloj
    Alles braucht eine Geburtsstunde und so besagt die Legende: vor genau 40 Jahren, am 11. August 1973, erfand DJ Kool Herc den Hip-Hop in der Bronx. Susanna Petrin spürt der damaligen Atmosphäre in New Yorks berüchtigtsten Stadtteil nach.
  • Stefanie Alisch
    Kuduro mit seinen harten Raps ist das beatlastige Dancefloor-Gewitter aus Angola. Szenestar Titica wurde als Mann geboren. Sie schert sich nicht um Toleranz und Transphobie.
  • Milena Krstic
    Die Band Skip & Die lässt Elektro mit Volksmusik aus aller Welt kollidieren – und will damit die Apokalypse verhindern. Kann das mehr als nur gut gemeint sein?
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Mit seiner Ngoni-Laute hat sich der malische Musiker Bassekou Kouyate aufgemacht, das Repertoire seines Grossvaters Bazoumana Sissoko, neu zu vertonen. «Jama Ko» heisst sein neues, drittes Album. Ein Interview.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Rapper La Gale is half Swiss and half Lebanese. In our Norient Podcast she talks about her political message and her first CD.
  • Michael Spahr
    Wer in Russland gegen Putin protestierst riskiert jahrelange Haftstrafen. Teil Zwei der Norient-Berichterstattung über russische Protestmusik und den Prozess gegen die feministische Punkband Pussy Riot.
  • Sergey Chernov
    Since their performance in a Moscow cathedral in February, three women of the Russian queer Punk band «Pussy riots» are in custody. In this article from before the arrest, the Riots talk about their artistic-political aims. Free Pussy!
  • Norient
    The song «Shock» by French-Chilean rapper Ana Tijoux became the soundtrack of the Chilean student movement. The title of her newly released album «La bala» lives up to its promise of powerfulness.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Politische Ereignisse werden immer wieder von Musik untermalt. Nicht immer aber sind die lautesten Stimmen auch die spannendsten.
  • Moses Iten
    Our friends Moses Iten and Marc Peckham from Melbourne collected sounds and quotes from Radio National broadcasts in the Arab World.
  • Stefanie Alisch
    2/5 BZ, DVJ MyTube YouSpace, BerBat Söksal – the Istanbul based multi-media artist Serhat Köksal has been evolving a slew of aliases over the past 28 years.
  • Michael Spahr
    Ein Plädoyer für freie Kulturräume: Eine persönliche Geschichte über die Reistchule, das kulturelle Zentrum von Bern.
  • Christoph Lenz
    Jetzt schalten sich die Künstler ein: Mit einer CD wehren sich 22 Berner Bands und Musiker gegen den Verkauf der Reitschule. Steff La Cheffe und Kuno Lauener erklären, warum.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Die israelische Musikerin Meira Asher regt auf einer radikalen CD und in Konzerten mit schockierenden Bildern und kompromissloser Musik zum Denken an.