• Christophe Jaquet
    Christophe Jaquet describes in his fan confession, that the radical musician, thinker, hacker, philanthrope, activist, and curious figure Goodiepal saved him from being depressed about the future of music.
  • Oliver Seibt
    In the Japanese «aidoru bunka» (idol culture), grown men kneel down to mimic their infantile stars. When watching Kyoko Miyake's film Toyko Idols, musicologist Oliver Seibt sees a strong connection between this ritual and the sacred – which has a potential to create a sense of belonging.
  • Beatriz Hernández Caraveo
    In her music, the reggaeton artist Clara! combines styles from the past and the present. Her use of visual aesthetics from the 80’s reminds us that old school reggaeton has always had feminist roots.
  • Christopher Kirkley
    In the film «Oulaya’s Wedding», one is thrown into the middle of a traditional wedding in the Western Sahara. But is the overwhelming proximity to the filmed Sahraoui culture able to bypass exoticism, asks the director and archivist Christopher Kirkley.
  • Philipp Rhensius
    Does the movie «Sinofuturism (1839–2046 AD)» confront us with a future China, that is an inhuman dystopia? No, says Philipp Rhensius. It just depends on the perspective on our world.
  • Friedemann Pestel
    The Slovenian band Laibach has been invited to perform in North Korea. Friedemann Pestel says: this tour differs clearly from cultural diplomacy in the traditional sense.
  • Eric Mandel
    Bryan Littles’ film «The African Cypher» portrays dance subcultures in South Africa of which some have close relationships to cars. For Eric Mandel, this is symbol of man and machine.
  • Derek Walmsley
    Reggae is rich with questions of belonging, but instead of domesticity it focuses on the state of limbo. After watching the film «Being Blacker», Derek Walmsley examines how the Brixton figurehead Blacker Dread struggles with what he once called home.
  • Martyn Pepperell
    UK Funky DJ Bamz’ music is informed by a sense of history and a glimpse into the future of bass driven club music. At the core of this is the «riddim» as the aesthetic backbone.
  • Pedro Oliveira and Luiza Prado (A Parede)
    «This is Bate Bola» follows the carnival celebrations in Rio’s poor neighborhoods. While watching the movie, research duo A Parede discovered contradicting ideals of masculinity.
  • Martin Cloonan
    Rude, tender and weird. The film «Where You’re Meant to Be» of Paul Fegan is a sensitive story about the idiosyncracities of Scotland and its people through the lens of the Folk musician Aidan Moffat.
  • Michael Fuhr
    The documentary «Bamseom Pirates, Seoul Inferno» shows how the band Bamseom Pirates uses punk music to resist the social and political absurdities of present-day South Korea.
  • Lisa Blanning
    The documentary film «Matangi/Maya/M.I.A.» portrays the popstar M.I.A. as a multi-faceted person.
  • Anna Trechsel
    Monzer Darwish's compelling documentary «Syrian Metal Is War» captures the story of how the Metal underground in Syria seeks to survive during war.
  • Susan Lindholm
    The Scandinavian code of conduct «jantelagen» encourages modesty and conformity. The movie «Silvana» shows, how the Swedish rapper Silvana Imam celebrates the exact opposite: pride and individuality.