• Florian Carl
    Ghanaian Gospel Music, Born-Again Christianity, and the Nonconformity of the Ethnographer. // This discussion of the gospel phenomenon in Ghana will be framed by a critical reflection on ethnomusicological methodology.
  • Portia Seddon
    Within the past decade, African-, Latin American-, and Caribbean-centered popular music weblogs have emerged as complex mediated spaces of cultural debate and transformation. // Notes on the Ethnography of Mediated Music.
  • Gregory Scruggs
    Re-Sounding Space For a New Rio de Janeiro. // As an anthropologist and urban planning researcher with specialties in music and sound, we have combined our backgrounds to examine the politics of reconstructing soundscapes in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Anja Brunner
    Encountering Cameroonian Pop Music in Yaoundé and the Challenge of Similarity. // In this paper, Bikutsi pop is discussed within the framework of collective «aesthetic cosmopolitanism» as proposed by Motti Regev.