• Nadav Appel
    Israeli culture is strangely nostalgic. Five clips that represent different strains of nostalgia among various sectors in Israeli society. These videos depict and construct a multitude of pasts both individual and collective, real and imagined.
  • EES
    Ein Land zwischen Tradition und Moderne, zwischen Kwaito und Afropop, zwischen Bling Bling und Stammestracht. Das ist Namibia, wie es uns der in Deutschland lebende namibische Rapper EES in seiner musikalischen Videoschau zeigt.
  • Lisa Akbary
    After the Taliban Regime made the playing and hearing of music illegal and impossible, in the past 12 years music in Afghanistan has come back to life and taken a new and modern path. There is no place in the country, where you don’t hear new hits.
  • Lucia Udvardyová
    This list explores current Czech Sounds: electronic shaped tracks accompanied by colorful and digital video art – inspired by tumbler aestetics. For the first and the last video we're going to visit particular places in Czechs capital Prague.
  • Serge Yared
    Musicians in Lebanon challenge traditional gender roles and work around topics like suicide bombers, military officers, devastated industrial landscapes and girl punk bands. A collection compiled by Serge Yared from The Incompetents.
  • Cande Sánchez Olmos
    Everybody loves music but hates traditional advertising. For this reason, a new trend is emerging: brands are becoming music video directors. These are my five favorite ad/music videos from around the world.
  • Ismael Hares alias Black Afghan Sound System
    For Usinesonore Festival on June 2, 2018, Norient collaborated on the creation of an Afghan evening. On this occasion, we asked Ismael Hares alias Black Afghan Soundsystem to select five songs that rock every Afghan wedding in the diaspora.
  • Jenny Fatou Mbaye
    Dive into the Sounds of Senegal, where the one are praising our mothers and women and the other gathering many of the creative and cultural entrepreneurs who make Dakar’s city hip and happening.
  • Hyunjoon Shin
    Since the rise of Psy the whole world now knows about Korea's vivid music scene. But there's a lot more to the scene than just «Gangnam Style»: Hyunjoon Shin shows us some highlights between Seoul and Busan.
  • Moses Iten
    Clips, compiled by Australian author Moses Iten, between field recordings, Reggaeton and Cumbia. Beginning with one of our long time favorites, a sci-fi shaving odyssey starting from the heights of Machu Picchu.
  • Serhat Köksal
    These five videos are a completion of revolting sounds, from Gezi protests to Kobane resistance, among many others, against exoticism of the new ISIStanbul and its every kind of Reinforced Glocal Governments, which hang together with above mentioned concepts of Global Hologram Doctrine.
  • Cande Sánchez Olmos
    Spain scholar Cande Sánchez Olmos from Alicante discusses video clips from her country which are advertising popular brands. This might become a problem for the viewer: he or she cannot easily distinguish commercials from cultural objectives.
  • Chaiwat Kopolrat
    That's really what you can call a journey through Thailand: Molam pop, reggae from the Isan region, traditional sounds and country metal. This highly varied list was compiled by blogger Peter Doolan and musician and researcher Chaiwat Kopolrat.
  • Lucia Udvardyová
    Far from folkloristic clichés and beyond the radar of the taste-shaping music press, there are alternative music scenes thriving in Central and Eastern Europe. Watch its most urgent video clips.
  • Gaudenz Badrutt
    Das Musikvideo wird im Bereich der experimentellen und der Neuen Musik nur selten aufgegriffen. Diese Clips zeigen verschiedenste Ansätze, wie mit dem Medium Video umgegangen werden kann.
  • Georg Milz
    To start the new year ethnologist and journalist Georg Milz sent us a list with five music videos from all around Africa. He shows us some really nice clips between pidgin pop, hip hop pantsula and house.
  • Ana Rab (Gnučči)
    «If you don’t appreciate this you basically don’t have feelings.» Word! See how Ana Gnučči Rab showcases Sweden's diverse and fascinating creative scene with a lot of thrilling dancing moves.
  • Jean Poole
    For the first time we are heading to the Australian continent for our videoclip series. Melbourne based video producer Jean Poole compiled a selection from Down Under between basketball court and sci-fi animation.
  • Aero Manyelo
    Watching this video list by South African house DJ Aero Manyelo we immediately remember, how he made us dancing to his beats at Norient Clubnight 2013. This list is shaped by South African house, called kwaito, which is currently ruling the townships.
  • Syndicate
    The audio-visual collective Syndicate sent us a highly varied journey through beautiful and well produced pictures and some lo-fi aesthetics from Singapore. We even stop by the Taoist Disneyland of Haw Par Villa.
  • Holger Schulze
    Scholar Holger Schulze from Lüneburg is focussing on really heavy videos from trash to rave with a great deal of irony and parody – a real counterpoint to the first round of German video clips some weeks ago.
  • Valentin Zill
    Three years have passed by since the end of the last crisis in Côte d'Ivoire. Now, an atmosphere of departure can be felt throughout the country. This list reflects this atmosphere without forgetting about the problems the country is facing.
  • Foltin (Фолтин)
    It was hard to compile this list about music videos in the Republic of Macedonia. But finally the Macedonian band Foltin did the compilation for Norient. Not without pointing to the «creative gap for the macedonian music» in the last years.
  • Kevin Elamrani
    From techno to hip hop – from animation to satire. Kevin Elamrani, a young video artist from Paris, shows us a selection of eclectic videos with singular atmospheres from France, starting with a nightly party at your friends place.
  • Jaaz Odongo
    Kenyan producer Jaaz Odongo sent us his top five from his country. It was hard for him to compile this list, because – as he said – «there have been many good songs these past two years. But these songs don't necessarily posses great music video qualities.»
  • Jeremy Wallach
    Warning: This list is very political – and very loud. It's about greed, honesty, corruption and – what else could it be - love. We see a country which is likely home to the most massive hard rock, metal, and punk scenes in Asia.
  • Nucleya
    Popularity of dubstep and global bass music in India is growing from day to day. Producer Nucleya from New Delhi shows us five video clips from his country that will give you a short insight into some current sounds between the Himalayas and Mumbai.
  • Christoph Jacke
    Deutsche Bands gehen «Huckepack» und inszenieren Video-Clips anderer Bands. Trümmer und Tocotronic machens in Clips von den Goldenen Zitronen und den Nerven vor. Daneben geht es in dieser Videoliste um Planung und Gentrifizierung.
  • Jakub Szymczak
    Although he has never been to Iran, Jakub Szymczak sent us a wonderful compilation of five Iranian music video clips. In a introduction he tries to give a brief overview on the relationship between music and authority in Iran, which is definitely not an easy one.
  • Anne Haack
    A video journey through a country which is hovering between modernity and tradition, between eastern and western influences, between traditional Moroccan music and modern styles such as hip hop, reggae and dubstep.
  • Ethiopian Records
    Internet connection troubles took Addis Abeba based musician Ethiopian Records several weeks to finish his video selection for Norient. «It was not easy finding videos after 2013 – some are older», he wrote us and here is what he finally digged out.
  • Giacomo Bottà
    Was ist Europa? Mitä on Eurooppa? Cos’è l’Europa? L’Europe c’est quoi? What is Europe? This is a good and confusing question. I actually have no idea anymore, so I started digging into popular music videos.
  • Rédha M.
    Starting with the godfathers of raï and early algerian hip-hop and ending with extreme Metal and a poem, Rédha M. from the podcast Radio Tashweesh rewrites a part of the history of the Algerian music for Norient.
  • Ariel Altamirano V.
    Ana Tijoux recently surprised with a collaboration with Palestinian Rapper Shadia Mansour. The Santiago based netlabel Discos Pegaos shows us some more clips from the Latin American country.
  • Ed Linton
    A brief insight into some really amazing videos and sounds from the past few years out of the small kingdom Bhutan in South Asia, compiled by Ed Linton, owner of the small internet record label Avant-Garbe Records.
  • Meg
    Naples-born singer Meg has chosen five video clips from Italy for our series. Her selection shows: Italy is the place to be for electronic music. And: electronic music can't live without strong imageries.
  • Miguel Hilari
    Making a video-clip is not really a moneymaking activity in Bolivia. However, there is important production going on at the margins of traditional industry standards. For our series, it's Miguel Hilari's turn, director and producer from La Paz.
  • Antti-Ville Kärjä
    Oriental shadow dances and muscle bounded hip hop - Finland's music is multicultural and has much more to offer than Heavy Metal, shows our 5-videoclip-series from finnish ethnomusicologist Antti-Ville Kärjä.
  • Matei-Alexandru Mocanu
    «I don't have any favourite Romanian videos, I think they are all bad» answered the Romanian director Matei Alexandru Mocanu when we contacted him for this series. However, attached he sent a list with 5 clips that absolutely prove the opposite.
  • Ganges Baby
    Another five music video clips from South America. We asked Buenos Aires based Kali Sandoval and Beat Bastard from the young hip hop duo Ganges Baby to compile their favorite artists and videos from their home country Argentinia.
  • Stefan Franzen
    Für unsere 5 Video Clips-Serie wühlte der deutsche Musikjournalist Stefan Franzen in seinem Archiv und offeriert uns hier fünf Videoperlen aus Brasilien. Die Reise beginnt im nördlichen Pará und besucht unter anderem den «Jay-Z Brasiliens».
  • Shonegrad O'Connor
    Trash-hopper Shonegrad O'Connor from Belgrade selected his five favorite video clips from his home country Serbia. In times of YouTube the frontman of Duboka Ilegala is suffering the agony of choice.
  • Faisal Mohammed Khan
    For its series «5 video clips from...» Norient asked electronic musician Faisal Khan to send his favorite video clips from his home country Bangladesh. The result: a versatile collection from Bangla Alter Rock to Hip Hop.
  • Tatjana Rauls
    The video production industry in Cameroon (Cameroun) is booming like never before. This a compilation of 5 videos that were or are some the hits the young teens love to watch nowadays.
  • Wanlov The Kubolor
    For its new series Norient asked Wanlov The Kubolor from FOKN Bois to send a collection of his favorite video clips from his home country Ghana.
  • Xander Ferreira
    Norient asked me to send a collection of my favourite video clips from my home country South Africa. I offer you seven clips.