• Ben Verghese
    Present day South African artists like Nozinja and Okmalumkoolkat let time and cultures collide, and in mixing languages, slangs, dances and rituals they create new homes. Commentary on the recent music video «Allblackblackcat» by the latter.
  • Dylan Valley
    With «Beats of the Antonov» Hajooj Kuka paints a beautiful picture of music, war and identity in the Sudanese Blue Nile and Nuba regions. A deep exploration of a nation in an identity crisis.
  • Benedikt Sartorius
    Mit The KLF eroberte Bill Drummond einst die Hitparaden. In Stefan Schwieterts Dokumentarfilm «Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow and All Music Has Disappeared» ist er jetzt Chorleiter.
  • Adam Harper
    In the past decade, culture was longing for the nostalgic and authentic. The new Internet underground celebrates the contrary: hi-tech, artificiality and kitsch. Is it a critique of capitalism or a capitulation to it? Both and neither, says our author.
  • Michael Spahr
    Seit 30 Jahren leitet der leidenschaftliche Radiomacher Ken Freedman das älteste amerikanische Gemeinschaftsradio WFMU. Der Film «Sex and Broadcasting» über WFMU ist zu sehen am 16.1.2016 am 7. Norient Musikfilm Festival in Bern.