• Kateryna Zavoloka
    Ukrainian electronic artist Zavoloka produced an experimental sound piece accompanied by selected speech fragments from Olimpia Splendid, Ali Gul Pir, Ethiopian Records, and others who expressed their thoughts on the subject of loneliness.
  • Julian Bonequi
    For the Norient exhibition «Seismographic Sounds – Visions of a New World» the Mexican hybrid artist and label owner Julian Bonequi compiled a mixtape taken from live performances, radio shows, and studio recordings from his label Audition Records.
  • Isuru Kumarasinghe
    For the Norient exhibition «Seismographic Sounds – Visions of a New World» the Sri Lanka-based musician and label owner Isuru Kumarasinghe compiled a special experimental music mixtape with sounds from mainly Asia.
  • Bernard Clarke
    War has a sound. For his mix «shots were fired» for the section «war» from «Seismographic Sounds» the Irish radio journalist Bernard Clarke combined news samples with musically deconstructed war sounds.
  • Gizem Oruç
    For the Norient exhibition «Seismographic Sounds» Gizem Oruç aka 6zm compiled a mixtape. It is, in her own words, a collage of works of artists from the bubble she exists in, such as Maria F. Dolores, Zeynep Özcan and Çağrı Erdem.
  • Johannes Kreidler
    For his mix for the section «money» from the Norient exhibition «Seismographic Sounds» the german composer Johannes Kreidler transformed radically chopped sound samples into sonic goods that creep into your unconscious. Listen to it below.
  • Greg Feldwick (Slugabed)
    To belong to a place, a country, or a city is an old fashioned way to live in a world of multi-sited modernities. Instead, we create our belonging through friends, information, images, and sounds across the globe. A «belonging» mix by Slugabed.
  • Vladimir Lenhart
    The Serbian musician and journalist Vladimir Lenhard, founder of the tape label Lenhart Tapes, has remixed sounds, interviews, videos, and other material from the section of «exotica» from the Norient exhibition Seismographic Sounds.
  • Svetlana Maraš
    The Serbian sound artist has remixed material from the section of «desire» from the Norient exhibition «Seismographic Sounds». A mix full of humor, but also with some deep thoughts on discrimination, sexuality, and individualism.
  • Norient
    In this podcast, musicians, composers, and sound artists from the Norient network reflect on the difficult but long alliance between war and music: what is so fascinating about working with war samples?
  • Lucia Udvardyová
    A 20-minute transition through perpetual transition, a looped past-future-past, an ode to the «former» Eastern Europe: from Budapest to Bucharest, Prague to Belgrade, Vienna to Bulgaria, conjuring an imaginary landscape open to contingency and adventure.