• Taimoor Salahuddin
    An impressive and moving testimonial of rapper and comedian Ali Gul Pir from Karachi, Pakistan, who is faced by death threats due to his art. In the podcast he talks about what makes him feel lonely when living and working as a musician in Pakistan.
  • Manal Faheem Khan
    «Nowadays no song is independent», says journalist Manal Faheem Khan from Karachi and explains how the Pakistani music business works. The music video «#Kholo BC» by Ali Gul Pir and Adil Omar might be a rare exception here.
  • Somar Ashkar
    A group of students, musicologists, and musicians at the Humboldt University of Berlin aimed to reach out to contemporary artists from underground scenes in Pakistan. An interview with Anaasir aka Alien Panda Jury about his hybrid music project «Mandal».
  • Juliane Gerlach
    «We're just four great friends, chilling out - having a good time»: the Pakistani indie rock band The Tamaashbeens are presenting themselves as a project that springs from deep friendship. A short portrait.
  • Pascal Rudolph
    The progressive rock band The D/A Method has been described as a unique addition to the Pakistani music landscape. With Gali Films and its director Kamal Khan, they recently published a video clip of the song «The Desert Journey». An interview.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    Rapper Ali Gul Pir from Karachi has a lot of courage. His video clips about feudal lords and against the YouTube ban in Pakistan inspired hot controversies. Gul Pir received death threats. «I want to be a man who mattered», he says in this interview.
  • Arshia Fatima Haq
    Arshia Haq from the LA based Discostan collective made an exclusive mix for Norient titled «Line of Control». She is presenting us forgotten scores and field sounds from India and Pakistan.
  • Mark LeVine
    Pakistan's corrupt and violent rulers did produce one good thing, albeit inadvertently: Pakistani rock. Mark Levine offers a chapter of his book «Heavy Metal Islam» to norient.