• Taimoor Salahuddin
    An impressive and moving testimonial of rapper and comedian Ali Gul Pir from Karachi, Pakistan, who is faced by death threats due to his art. In the podcast he talks about what makes him feel lonely when living and working as a musician in Pakistan.
  • Umlilo
    For rapper Umlilo music is freedom and therapy at the same time. In his music he addresses issues of homophobia and bends the common images of gender. «Gender has always been something very natural to me to fuck with», he explains his approach.
  • Jonna Karanka
    In their self-produced podcast the Finnish underground punk band Olimpia Splendid talk about existential loneliness, the economic depression, their own DIY approach, and their music video «Jukka-Pekka».
  • António Madureira
    MC Sacerdote ist angolanischer Kuduro-Musiker. Im Norient-Podcast erzählt er, welche Rolle das Geld in seiner musikalischen Laufbahn spielt. «Wir brauchen immer einen Plan B», sagt einer, der schon früh gelernt hat, sich mit nur wenig davon durchzusetzen.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    The Israeli sound artist Meira Asher combines art with political activism. In this podcast she talks about her latest projects that deal with militarization and her artwork «One Blanket Lost» about Nigerian girls being prostituted in the European sex business.
  • Ziad Nawfal
    Hamed Sinno is the lead singer of the Lebanese alternative rock band Mashrou' Leila. In this podcast he talks about belonging, identity, and representation. And about what does it mean to make music as a Lebanese artist in a global context.
  • Olaf Karnik
    In seinem Werk thematisiert der Deutsche Komponist der Neuen Musik Johannes Kreidler immer wieder das Thema Geld. Im Norient-Podcast und im Interview erläutert er dessen Auswirkungen auf die Konzepte seiner Musik.
  • Shonegrad O'Connor
    Wikluh Sky is part of the hip hop trio Bad Copy from Serbia. In the podcast he talks about making art in Serbia, their video «Esi mi dobar», and about what would happen when Hans Zimmer would call him and offer him a job.
  • Thomas Burkhalter
    «It's like a deformed anger which comes out us», says Wanlov the Kubolor, one half of the Ghanaian rap duo FOKN Bois. With his musical partner M3nsa he talks about their visions and their way of doing art in a religious context.
  • Rudolf Dethu
    In this podcast the guitarists from the Indonesian heavy metal band Burgerkill talk about the massive corruption in the country, their economical situation, the consequences of digitization and their protest song «House of Greed».
  • Noko 440
    They love to provoke and they love to extravagate. London-based underground musician Bishi Bhattacharya and her musical partner Matthew Hardern talk about their biographies, race, and their common project «Albion Voice».
  • Miguel Hilari
    In the podcast the two members members of the Bolivian experimental hardcore punk band Gato Diablo Bernardo Reb Rojas and Espírito speak about what it means to live in Boliva, funding strategies of their music and nationalistic feelings in Bolivia.
  • Ethiopian Records
    In this experimental podcast Ethiopian producer Endeguena Mulu speaks about what makes him feeling lonely as an African and Ethiopian artist, the access to the digital World, and traditional music.
  • Werner Hasler
    In the podcast Palestinian singer Kamilya Jubran talks about her biography, being a musician in Europe, the power of music, and her song «Suite Nomade, Pt. 1», based on poetry from World War I about the state of war and how it effects fragile communities.