• Deforrest Brown Jr.
    The electronic musician Tim Hecker is like an aesthetic engineer whose visceral live concerts deconstruct musical meanings.
  • Philipp Rhensius
    The music of of the electronic musician and singer Aïsha Devi creates a world of unheard sounds and utopian ideas. Read a sonic fiction in advance of her audiovisual live show at our new concert series.
  • Maha ElNabawi
    The music of Ben Frost tells stories without words. In his album «The Centre Cannot Hold», he is held captive aboard an aircraft carrier on which the only escape is music. Read a sonic fiction essay.
  • Luise Wolf
    The music of Jenny Hval engages you in ambivalent journeys. In her song «That Battle is Over», she reflects not just our inner but also our political realities. Read a sonic fiction essay.
  • Adam Harper
    Music is not escapism. It is a machine that creates reality. This is the core of Kodwo Eshun's masterful book «More Brilliant than the Sun». How Sonic Fiction challenges the oppressive prison called reality.