Norient Mix: «Reverse»

by Ryu Yoshizawa

With his project, Koeosaeme, Japanese artist Ryu Yoshizawa draws on the sonics of abstract electronics to create a spellbinding sense of controlled chaos. Here you can listen to the artists and tracks that have influenced him.

Koeosaeme's Note on the Mix

I think every musician I've chosen is a really experimental musician. These are all musicians who want to reference that experimentation when composing their tracks. Historically, most of Japan's contemporary music was heavily influenced by Western and traditional Japanese or Asian music, so I needed to dig through that. I didn’t put them into this playlist, but my favorite Japan contemporary composers are Toru Takemitsu and Akira Nishimura.



  1. Hubert Laws: «Gymnopedie #1»
  2. Lucio Capece & Mika Vainio: «Juurake»
  3. Groopies: «chainmusic»
  4. Three Legged Race: «Traces of a Wet Crowd» 
  5. Oval: «Class»
  6. 高柳昌行 & 阿部薫: «集団投射»
  7. Iannis Xenakis: «Persepolis»
  8. Fennesz: «Made In Hongkong»
  9. Unknown: «Ufoff» 
  10. Bernard Bonnier: «Italian Junk Food» 
  11. John Cage: «Radio Music»
  12. Frank Bretschneider: «Lux» 
  13. Steve Reich: «Pendulum Music»

Published on November 03, 2017

Last updated on January 16, 2020

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