Musik und Zensur im Libanon

by Thomas Burkhalter

Zensur ist in der arabischen Welt allgegenwärtig. Filme werden zensuriert, Theaterstücke, Bücher, und Musik auch. Im Libanon sei die Zensur am lockersten, sagt man. So ganz stimmt das jedoch nicht. Oder etwa doch?

Mit den MusikerInnen: The New Government, Marcel Khalife, The Kordz, Weeping Willow, The Arcane, Raed Yassin, Rayess Bek und Nadim Mishlawi. Sprecher: Raphael Zehnder (DRS2), Eric Facon (DRS4), Thomas Burkhalter (Norient)



Der Freemuse Report »Headbanging Against Repressive Regimes — Censorship of heavy metal in the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia and China».

Published on September 03, 2009

Last updated on January 18, 2020


Thomas Burkhalter is an ethnomusicologist and cultural producer from Switzerland. He is the founder and director of Norient – Performing Music Research (, and artistic director of the Norient Film Festival. Recent main projects include the documentary film «Contradict» (2019), the AV/theatre/dance performance «Clash of Gods» (2018), and the re-launch of Norient (2019). He published the book «Local Music Scenes and Globalization: Transnational Platforms in Beirut» (Routledge), and co-edited «The Arab Avant Garde: Musical Innovation in the Middle East» (Wesleyan University Press).
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