Music Freedom Day

by Michael Spahr

Heute ist der «Music Freedom Day», eine Aktion, die jährlich statt findet. Clubs, Musikerinnen, DJs und Musikinstitutionen kämpfen gemeinsam für eine Freiheit des musikalischen Ausdrucks in der Welt. Hier ein Beitrag von Cheyenne Mackay für Radio Bern RaBe.


Music Freedom Day

Published on March 03, 2011

Last updated on January 18, 2020


Michael Spahr (VJ Rhaps) is a journalist and media artist. He was on the board of norient from 2008 until 2014. He developed the website He helped setting up the Norient Musikfilm Festival and was the co-director until 2014. He contributes with his video art to the audio-visual scientific media performances of norient. He is the host and DJ of norient’s monthly radio show Sonic Traces. He studied history in Bern and Amsterdam (MA 1998). Afterwards he started working for Dutch and Swiss video production companies and TV stations.

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