Meira Asher: The Politics of Sound Art

by Thomas Burkhalter

The uncompromising work of Israeli sound artist Meira Asher has been portrayed by Norient from time to time (see here or here). In this podcast she talks about her militant approach to music making and her aim of providing alternative information through sound art. She presents a few of her artworks such as «One Blanket Lost» on Nigerian girls being prostituted in the European sex business. A podcast from the Norient exhibition Seismographic Sounds by Thomas Burkhalter.


Quotes from the Podcast


«In the last few years I’ve been working mainly on one subject: militarization and trying to reduce it.»


«I do not very much believe that music by itself can do the job. I think you also need to start acting and to be an activist while doing art.»


«This is about channeling the experience of people through a non compromisive sound work. So it is much beyond music.»


«It is a mean way to reach a form of a deeper understanding, some form of catharsis.»


«With these radio pieces I can offer young people a good alternative information as opposed to what they are being almost forced to listen to in school.»


«One Blanket Lost»

Published on August 21, 2017

Last updated on January 16, 2020


Thomas Burkhalter is an ethnomusicologist and cultural producer from Switzerland. He is the founder and director of Norient – Performing Music Research (, and artistic director of the Norient Film Festival. Recent main projects include the documentary film «Contradict» (2019), the AV/theatre/dance performance «Clash of Gods» (2018), and the re-launch of Norient (2019). He published the book «Local Music Scenes and Globalization: Transnational Platforms in Beirut» (Routledge), and co-edited «The Arab Avant Garde: Musical Innovation in the Middle East» (Wesleyan University Press).
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