Arab Awakening

by Moses Iten

In February 2011, the news of revolution spreading across the Arab world inspired two Melbourne music producers to lock themselves up in a studio for two days and compile a mixtape of songs and quotes from Radio National broadcasts. Websites such as Libya’s Enough Gaddafi and Egyptian label 100copies were forced offline at the time, but this couldn’t stop artists uploading their own songs inspired by the revolts.

Mixed and compiled by Moses Iten and Marc Peckham, April 2011, Melbourne.



(Song Title | Artist | Label)

PS | Khaled Ben Yahia & La Tribu Hérisson | La Tribu Hérisson
Hbiba Forever | Zemeken |
Abou Asala aal Dish (Live Recording) | Ahmed Basiony | 100copies
Egypt (Rise To Freedom Mix) | Natacha Atlas | Six Degrees Records
Yassir (Enough) | Ibn Thabit |
Mustahdafoon | Boykott |
Fairuz (Dub Remix) | Wadada | Unreleased
The Way It Must Be | Mark Gergis | Sublime Frequencies
A Small Intricate Box, Which Contains Old Blue Opium Marzipan | Muslim gauze | Staalplaat
Kaset Hanzal | Omar Souleyman | Sublime Frequencies
Snake Charmer’s Delight | Little Egypt | Weltraum Disk
Ifjirie (Final Dawn) | David Fanshawe | Philips
Finale & Tribute On Oil Pipes | David Fanshawe | Philips
Baladia Wey | Rango | 30IPS Ltd / El Mastaba Centre

Published on June 01, 2011

Last updated on February 26, 2020


Moses Iten is a Musician and DJ from Australia.

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