1+1 EP Release: «Ispasskoi?»

Within a hyperactive week of studio recording in Lomé Togo, Yao Bobby and Edgar Sekloka produced 5 tracks from scratch – together with skilled musicians and a patient sound engineer. The EP Ispasskoi? is available for download via Bandcamp for free. This production week was part of the first season of 1+1, a worldwide recording project by Norient and Sound Development in Summer 2015. For more material (tracks, videos, articles, photos) on 1+1 check the project website here.

T-Shirts for Yao Bobby + Edgar Sekloka. Lomé Togo (photo: Kelly Agbobli)

The recording week in Lomé was dense for everyone involved. 1+1 artists Yao Bobby and Edgar Sekloka wrote a total of five tracks, and composed an intro, while involving a total of 6 additional musicians to record the instumental tracks and vocal featurings. Within the same week, a video trailer, and scenes for the video clip for the track «Kilodé» were recorded. The EP Ispasskoi? is available for download via Bandcamp for free. If you would like to support the artists you can name your price. The bandcamp account is managed by the artists themselves. Due to the lack of time during the production week Yao Bobby and Edgar Sekloka decided to shot the rest of the images for the video clip «Kilodé» individually in Lomé and Paris. The final cut was done by director Zedi Choco in Lomé. The lead track of the EP «Kilodé» means «What's going on?» or «il se passe quoi?» in french, giving the EPs title Ispasskoi?.

1+1 Street Art. Lomé Togo (photo: Kelly Agbobli)


Songs written by Yao Bobby and Edgar Sekloka
Produced & Recorded at Colibri Studios, Lomé Togo, August 26 - September 04, 2015
Mastering by Dan Suter, echochamber Zurich

Yao Bobby, vocals
Edgar Sekloka, vocals
Rodrigue Ade, Recording Colibri Studios
Ali Bawa, vocals
Wihelmine Harlley, vocals
Kossi Mawun, drums
Agbovon Mak, trumpet
Ahavi Kodzo, guitar
Ahouandjogbe Gaétan, bass

Produced by Norient and Sound Development, Switzerland
Production Manager: Simon Grab


Published on March 23, 2016

Last updated on April 05, 2020


Simon Grab, the co-founder of ganzerplatz soundstudios has been an active musician and producer in a wide range of musical contexts. As a composer and sound artist he produces music & sounddesign for feature films, documentaries, theatre and radio. In live performances and installations he uses the venue as an acoustic playground. He likes exploring new grounds by negating existing borders.


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