Regenerative Culture


Just like words to create sentences, songs and artworks have become building blocks for new ones. In his essay, Eduardo Navas proposes a future in which constant updates and connectivity will become ubiquitous.

Author: Eduardo Navas
Quote: Eduardo Navas
Design: Safwan Subzwari
Sound: Aam Taateel

Swiss Sound Pioneer of the First Hour

Norient Snap by Uno

Bruno Spoerri is a saxophonist, composer, and a pioneer of electronic music in Switzerland. We interviewed Spoerri about his ways of working with synthesizers, virtual instruments and samples.

Author: Thomas Burkhalter, Immanuel Brockhaus
Quote: Bruno Spoerri
Design: Uno
Sound: Annafruit

Zerbröckelnde Utopien

Norient Snap by Des Flor de Fuego

Zehn Jahre war Jeff Mangum untergetaucht. In dieser Zeit mutierten seine Lieder mit der Band Neutral Milk Hotel zu Hymnen für Trostsuchende und Widerständige. Nun spielen Neutral Milk Hotel wieder Konzerte.

Author: Benedikt Sartorius
Quote: Jeff Mangum
Design: Des Flor de Fuego
Photo: Vladimir/Flickr
Sound: Neutral Milk Hotel
Remix: Des Flor de Fuego

The Relationship Bubble Problem in Temi DollFace's «Pata Pata»

Norient Snap by Ali Kazmi

«Pata Pata» is about women who run from their relationship problems by consuming, as the Nigerians did in the 1970's due to the alienation from their government.

Author: Kay Thompson
Design: Ali Kazmi
Sound: Ali Kazmi

Afrikas Bob Marley

Norient Snap by Des Flor de Fuego

Teil 2 des Norient Reggae-Specials: Anstatt an Ruhestand zu denken, bringt der Pionier des Afro-Reggae Alpha Blondy ein Live-Album heraus und tourt um den Globus.

Author: Theresa Beyer
Quote: Alpha Blondy's Grandmother
Design: Des Flor de Fuego
Photo: Alpha Blondy
Sound: Alpha Blondy
Remix: Des Flor de Fuego

Gaelic Psalms: A Transforming Tradition

Norient Snap by MADAM

The Gaelic psalm-singing is a kind of religious chant in the Outer Hebrides and the west coast of Scotland. It is unique in its form and a wonderful example of the variability of musical practices in the context of different cultural influences.

Author: Martin Schröder
Design: MADAM
Sound: Furtherset

Remixing References

Norient Snap by Faisal Khan

Contemporary tracks remix sounds from different places and times. To analyze the manifold constellations in and shapes of these remixes is challenging. Peter J. Burkholder made a first attempt, here is yet another.

Author: Thomas Burkhalter
Quote: Thomas Burkhalter
Design: Faisal Khan
Photo: Kuchithesizer
Sound: DJ Sniff
Remix: Dhaka Dub Hierarchy

Sampling Stories Vol. 6: RE:VIVE

Norient Snap by Fahad Hossain

We trace the history of the carillon of the biggest church in Rotterdam, the Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk. Its bell sounds play an important role in the tracks of the compilation «010», released by the Dutch initiative RE:VIVE.

Author: Gregory Markus
Quote: Gregory Markus
Design: Fahad Hossain
Photo: RE:VIVE
Sound: Dhaka Dub Hierarchy
Remix: Dhaka Dub Hierarchy

The Lonely Echoes of Burial

Norient Snap by Fahad Hossain

An echo is historically coded as the sound of a lonely disembodied voice, able to produce a decentered sense of alienation. This is illustrated here through the urban echoic production work of Burial (William E. Bevan).

Author: Hillegonda C. Rietveld
Quote: Brandon LaBelle
Design: Fahad Hossain
Photo: John William Waterhouse
Sound: Burial
Remix: Miss Auto

Sampling Stories Vol. 15: Eduardo Navas


In this interview Norient asked Eduardo Navas, one of the main scholars theorizing the phenomenon of remix, to clarify some of his points and to talk about algorithms, the surplus of remix studies, and cultural appropriation.

Author: Hannes Liechti, Theresa Beyer
Quote: Eduardo Navas
Design: Eduardo Navas
Photo: Eduardo Navas
Sound: Daniel Jakob

The Stars of Musiqa Sha’biyya


For centuries dabke was a local tradition in Syria, but in the late 1990s, it has become urban. Thereby, the popular dance music was reimaginated and globalized. Under the name «new wave dabke» special stylistic idoms have become noticeable.

Author: Shayna Silverstein
Quote: Shayna Silverstein
Design: Safwan Subzwari
Sound: Aam Taateel