Sampling Stories Vol. 15: Eduardo Navas


In this interview Norient asked Eduardo Navas, one of the main scholars theorizing the phenomenon of remix, to clarify some of his points and to talk about algorithms, the surplus of remix studies, and cultural appropriation.

Author: Hannes Liechti, Theresa Beyer
Quote: Eduardo Navas
Design: Eduardo Navas
Photo: Eduardo Navas
Sound: Daniel Jakob

The Lonely Echoes of Burial

Norient Snap by Fahad Hossain

An echo is historically coded as the sound of a lonely disembodied voice, able to produce a decentered sense of alienation. This is illustrated here through the urban echoic production work of Burial (William E. Bevan).

Author: Hillegonda C. Rietveld
Quote: Brandon LaBelle
Design: Fahad Hossain
Photo: John William Waterhouse
Sound: Burial
Remix: Miss Auto

Sampling Stories Vol. 6: RE:VIVE

Norient Snap by Fahad Hossain

We trace the history of the carillon of the biggest church in Rotterdam, the Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk. Its bell sounds play an important role in the tracks of the compilation «010», released by the Dutch initiative RE:VIVE.

Author: Gregory Markus
Quote: Gregory Markus
Design: Fahad Hossain
Photo: RE:VIVE
Sound: Dhaka Dub Hierarchy
Remix: Dhaka Dub Hierarchy

Remixing References

Norient Snap by Faisal Khan

Contemporary tracks remix sounds from different places and times. To analyze the manifold constellations in and shapes of these remixes is challenging. Peter J. Burkholder made a first attempt, here is yet another.

Author: Thomas Burkhalter
Quote: Thomas Burkhalter
Design: Faisal Khan
Photo: Kuchithesizer
Sound: DJ Sniff
Remix: Dhaka Dub Hierarchy

Gaelic Psalms: A Transforming Tradition

Norient Snap by MADAM

The Gaelic psalm-singing is a kind of religious chant in the Outer Hebrides and the west coast of Scotland. It is unique in its form and a wonderful example of the variability of musical practices in the context of different cultural influences.

Author: Martin Schröder
Design: MADAM
Sound: Furtherset

The Stars of Musiqa Sha’biyya


For centuries dabke was a local tradition in Syria, but in the late 1990s, it has become urban. Thereby, the popular dance music was reimaginated and globalized. Under the name «new wave dabke» special stylistic idoms have become noticeable.

Author: Shayna Silverstein
Quote: Shayna Silverstein
Design: Safwan Subzwari
Sound: Aam Taateel

Sampling Stories Vol. 19: Kritzkom

Norient Snap by Uno

Berlin-based producer Kritzkom rarely works with samples and, accordingly, on her 2016 techno track «Inner March for Utopia» synth basses and melodies dominate. But if one digs deeper one can find the traces of a sample of the Kurdish national anthem.

Author: Hannes Liechti
Quote: Marie Drouan (kritzkom)
Design: Uno
Sound: Kritzkom
Remix: Annafruit

Im Dienste des albanischen Liedes

Norient Snap by Ahmad Hammoud

Elina Duni ist in Tirana in Albanien geboren. Seit 20 Jahren lebt sie in der Schweiz. Mit ihrem Quartett ist jetzt ihr drittes Album «Matanë Malit» beim renommierten ECM-Label erschienen. Ein Podcast.

Author: Thomas Burkhalter, Theresa Beyer
Quote: Elina Duni
Design: Ahmad Hammoud
Photo: Eduard Pagria
Sound: Kinda Hassan

Ein Versuch von Freiheit

Norient Snap by Carla Sophie Tapparo

In ihren Mixes bürstet DJ Marcelle aus Amsterdam verschiedenste Genres und experimentelle Sounds gegen den Strich.

Author: Theresa Beyer
Quote: DJ Marcelle
Design: Carla Sophie Tapparo
Photo: Karin Scheidegger
Sound: DJ Marcelle
Remix: Carla Sophie Tapparo

Medeas Klänge vs. Hupkonzerte

Norient Snap by Arlene

Zwei neue Alben zeigen zwei unterschiedliche Bearbeitungsformen von Soundscape-Aufnahmen: Das Porträt eines Hupen-Orchesters aus Accra oder ein mystisches Klangkunstwerk aus flüchtigen und ewigen Sounds von den Schwarzmeerküsten.

Author: Eckehard Pistrick
Design: Arlene
Sound: Junn

Tape Jam Session: 1944 to 1959

Norient Snap by Adrienn Csaszar

In 1932 Fritz Pfleumer invented the magnetic tape – a breeding ground for artists who looked for new compositional techniques. But the pioneers of electronic music not only came from avantgarde-centres like Cologne and Paris.

Author: Theresa Beyer
Design: Adrienn Csaszar
Photo: Hannes Grobe
Sound: Simina Oprescu
Extra: Theresa Beyer