50 Jahre getrennt

Norient Snap by MADAM

Jüdische und muslimische Musiker prägten in den 1950er Jahren in Algerien die Chaabi-Musik. Safinez Bousbia macht sich in «El Gusto» auf die Suche nach den Musikfreunden.

Author: Thomas Burkhalter
Design: MADAM
Sound: lokoi

The Blog as Field Note

Norient Snap by Des Flor de Fuego

Fieldwork in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic (Ongoing since 2004). From the Norient book «Out of the Absurdity of Life».

Author: Sydney Hutchinson
Quote: Anonymous
Design: Des Flor de Fuego
Photo: Sydney Hutchinson
Sound: Des Flor de Fuego

Ueber Anerkennung

Norient Snap by meLê Yamono

Feldforschung in Ausente de Baixo (Brasilien), 1998. Notizen aus dem Feld aus dem Norient-Buch «Out of the Absurdity of Life».

Author: Marc-Antoine Camp
Quote: Marc-Antoine Camp
Design: meLê Yamono
Photo: Dekynho/Pixabay
Sound: Morgan Sully

Experimentelle Musik in Belgrad

Norient Snap by Adrienn Csaszar

Die Bedingungen für experimentelle und improvisierte Musik in Belgrad unterscheiden sich sehr von denen in der Schweiz. Ein Blick auf die Ungleichheiten an den Swiss Music Days. Teil II der Blogging-Reise.

Author: Theresa Beyer
Quote: Jonas Kocher
Design: Adrienn Csaszar
Photo: Lucas Dubuis
Sound: Samčo Brat Dážďoviek

Syrphe: Noise Music in Africa & Asia

Norient Snap by Adrienn Csaszar

«From harsh noise to digital hardcore to electronica or electro-acoustic music.» describes C-drík Fermont his project Syrphe, label and database for experimental and noise music from Africa and Asia.

Author: Julian Bonequi
Quote: C-Drík Fermont
Design: Adrienn Csaszar
Sound: Simina Oprescu

Easterndaze: Irony, Kitsch and Noise


Far from folkloristic clichés and beyond the radar of the taste-shaping music press, there are alternative music scenes thriving in Central and Eastern Europe. Watch its most urgent video clips.

Author: Lucia Udvardyová
Quote: Lucia Udvardyova
Design: Safwan Subzwari
Sound: Aam Taateel

Gefangen in der Schweiz

Norient Snap by Ali Sayah

Im Videokommentar zu «Du verwachsch wieder nume i dinere Wonig» der Schweizer Mundart Philosophen Stahlberger erscheint das im Video inszenierte Therapiegespräch als «Psychogramm einer in sich selbst vereinsamten Schweiz».

Author: Christoph Fellmann
Quote: Stahlberger
Design: Ali Sayah
Sound: Stahlberger
Remix: Ali Sayah

Directed by Forty-Five Directors

Norient Snap by Basma Bader

In 2013 Curitiba-based electropop band Bonde do Rolê released their music video «Picolé». A video celebrating the popsicle and directed by forty-five directors. Our author asks: How is this possible?

Author: Jesse Samba Wheeler
Design: Basma Bader
Sound: Basma Bader

The Yamaha PSR OR-700 à la Islam Chipsy

Norient Snap by Sejma Fere

A short story of a keyboard virtuoso from Cairo: Islam Chipsy just released his first vinyl.

Author: Thomas Burkhalter
Quote: Islam Chipsy
Design: Sejma Fere
Photo: Thomas Burkhalter
Sound: Marija Balubdzic Umbra

Daniel Kordík's [Sy][ria]

Norient Snap by Apollonia

An aural assemblage of field recordings from various locations across Syria, made in April and May 2011. The composition is a great example of suspense and orchestration of ready-made sounds.

Author: Lucia Udvardyová
Quote: Lucia Udvardyova
Design: Apollonia
Sound: Dhaka Dub Hierarchy

Resisting Nationalist Narratives

Norient Snap by Ali Sayah

Music plays an important role in diaspora communities. But it doesn't just unify its members, it also acts as a tool for political control. A comment on the problematic balance between nationalist propaganda and ethnic identity.

Author: Valentina Monsurrò
Design: Ali Sayah
Remix: Ali Sayah