A Little Bit of Rasterinha

Norient Snap by Csenge Csato

As some of you know, there is a new movement coming from de Rio de Janeiro, in a new style called Rasterinha. Some producers call it raggafunk or axé funk. An brief introduction to a new genre.

Author: Renato Martins
Quote: Renato Martins
Design: Csenge Csato
Photo: Pxhere
Sound: Roland Nagy

Five Video Clips from Cameroon

Norient Snap by Ali Kazmi

The video production industry in Cameroon (Cameroun) is booming like never before. This a compilation of 5 videos that were or are some the hits the young teens love to watch nowadays.

Author: Tatjana Rauls
Design: Ali Kazmi
Sound: Ali Kazmi

Mashing Up Living Traditions

Norient Snap by Ahmad Hammoud

In 2012, Switzerland has presented it's Inventory of Living Traditions in Switzerland. Some of the listed practices of intangible cultural heritage have inspired Patrica Jäggi to create her own list – a suspenseful sound montage.

Author: Patricia Jäggi
Quote: Patricia Jäggi
Design: Ahmad Hammoud
Photo: Buggeros/Wikimedia
Sound: Kinda Hassan

Resisting Nationalist Narratives

Norient Snap by Ali Sayah

Music plays an important role in diaspora communities. But it doesn't just unify its members, it also acts as a tool for political control. A comment on the problematic balance between nationalist propaganda and ethnic identity.

Author: Valentina Monsurrò
Design: Ali Sayah
Remix: Ali Sayah

Daniel Kordík's [Sy][ria]

Norient Snap by Apollonia

An aural assemblage of field recordings from various locations across Syria, made in April and May 2011. The composition is a great example of suspense and orchestration of ready-made sounds.

Author: Lucia Udvardyová
Quote: Lucia Udvardyova
Design: Apollonia
Sound: Dhaka Dub Hierarchy

Jeans for Jesus Video-Selection

Norient Snap by Shadharon Chobi

2013 überraschten die Berner Indie-Electropopper aus Bern mit einem knalligen Video zu ihrem Sommerhit «Estavayeah». Für Norient kommentieren Jeans for Jesus ihre wichtigsten Einflüsse von Gangsta-Rap bis Surrealismus.

Author: Jeans for Jesus
Quote: Jeans for Jesus
Design: Shadharon Chobi
Photo: Jeans for Jesus
Sound: Dhaka Dub Hierarchy

Norient February 2014 Selection

Norient Snap by meLê Yamono

Norient keeps searching for new sounds and puts together a monthly selection from Soundcloud. Enjoy or skip through tracks from upcoming and well-known artists from a wide variety of places. And read what some artists wrote about their tracks.

Author: Norient
Quote: Joey Le Soldat
Design: meLê Yamono
Photo: Neobyrd
Sound: Joey Le Soldat
Remix: Morgan Sully

An Obituary for the Tape

Norient Snap by Uno

It was on 11 February 2014 in the Kariakoo neighbourhood in Dar es Salaam when I learned the sad news: The tape is on the brink of extinction.

Author: Daniel Künzler
Quote: Daniel Künzler
Design: Uno
Sound: Alexander Dmitriev

Das Label für den Rohstoff Klang

Norient Snap by Akaliko Records

Vinyl ist auch im Bereich der experimentellen Musik angesagt. Die Edition DUMPF und ihr Gründer Martin Lorenz orientieren sich aber weniger am Trend, als an der Tradition der Turntablisten. Ein Porträt.

Author: Theresa Beyer
Quote: Theresa Beyer
Design: Akaliko Records
Photo: Martin Lorenz
Sound: Dhaka Dub Hierarchy

Das All ist voller Klänge

Norient Snap by Sejma Fere

Rudolf von Steiger verwandelt wissenschaftliche Daten in Musik. Im Interview spricht der Weltraumphysiker über sonische Phänomene im All und erklärt, weshalb er die Utopie der Marsbesiedelung für Unsinn hält.

Author: Hannes Liechti
Quote: Hannes Liechti
Design: Sejma Fere
Sound: Woo

Five Video Clips from Bangladesh

Norient Snap by Sejma Fere

For its series «5 video clips from...» Norient asked electronic musician Faisal Khan to send his favorite video clips from his home country Bangladesh. The result: a versatile collection from Bangla Alter Rock to Hip Hop.

Author: Faisal Mohammed Khan
Quote: Faisal Mohammed Khan
Design: Sejma Fere
Photo: rahmattulah77/Pixabay
Sound: Marija Balubdzic Umbra