Vom Baumgeflüster zu Soundkunst

Norient Snap by Adrienn Csaszar

Pflanzen sind nicht stumm. In ihrem Innersten rauscht, flüstert und knackt es. Das interessiert nicht nur Biologen, sondern auch Klangkünstler wie Marcus Maeder. In seinen Installationen fragt er sich, wie man den Klimawandel hörbar machen kann.

Author: Theresa Beyer
Quote: Marcus Mäder
Design: Adrienn Csaszar
Photo: Marcus Mäder
Sound: Simina Oprescu

Klingende Erinnerungen in der Neuen Volksmusik

Norient Snap by Sejma Fere

Schweizer MusikethnologInnen fragen: Welche Rolle spielt die Erinnerung in der Neuen Schweizer Volksmusik? Wie ist Musik im kulturellen Gedächtnis gespeichert?

Author: Theresa Beyer
Quote: Theresa Beyer
Design: Sejma Fere
Photo: Theresa Beyer
Sound: Marija Balubdzic Umbra

Five Video Clips from Brazil

Norient Snap by Ahmad Hammoud

Für unsere 5 Video Clips-Serie wühlte der deutsche Musikjournalist Stefan Franzen in seinem Archiv und offeriert uns hier fünf Videoperlen aus Brasilien. Die Reise beginnt im nördlichen Pará und besucht unter anderem den «Jay-Z Brasiliens».

Author: Stefan Franzen
Quote: Stefan Franzen
Design: Ahmad Hammoud
Photo: Ibama/Wikimedia
Sound: Kinda Hassan

Glitchy Sounds Under the Microscope

Norient Snap by Imtiaz Nasir

Sound artist and composer Svetlana Maraš is part of the new scene for experimental and improvised music in Belgrade and speaks about the laptop as an instrument in improvised music, and samples that attract her.

Author: Theresa Beyer
Quote: Svetlana Maras
Design: Imtiaz Nasir
Photo: Cate Schappert
Sound: Svetlana Maras

Norient April 2014 Selection

Norient Snap by Fahad Hossain

Norient keeps searching for new sounds and puts together a monthly selection from Soundcloud. Enjoy or skip through tracks from upcoming and well-known artists from a wide variety of places. And read what some artists wrote about their tracks.

Author: Norient
Quote: Facial Index
Design: Fahad Hossain
Photo: Unknown/Wikimedia
Sound: Dhaka Dub Hierarchy

Five Video Clips from Lebanon

Norient Snap by Ali Sayah

Musicians in Lebanon challenge traditional gender roles and work around topics like suicide bombers, military officers, devastated industrial landscapes and girl punk bands. A collection compiled by Serge Yared from The Incompetents.

Author: Serge Yared
Design: Ali Sayah
Sound: Ali Sayah

Radio Art #1

Norient Snap by Johanna Marcade Mot

Bernard Clarke combines contemporary music, history, Zeitfragen and politics to intense radio art pieces. He is angry about an often heard comment: «This is too heavy for the listener».

Author: Thomas Burkhalter
Quote: Bernard Clarke
Design: Johanna Marcade Mot
Photo: RTE Lyric FM
Sound: Simina Oprescu

Five Video Clips from Italy

Norient Snap by Faisal Khan

Naples-born singer Meg has chosen five video clips from Italy for our series. Her selection shows: Italy is the place to be for electronic music. And: electronic music can't live without strong imageries.

Author: Meg
Quote: Meg
Design: Faisal Khan
Photo: Umberto Nicoletti
Sound: Dhaka Dub Hierarchy

Five Video Clips from Bhutan

Norient Snap by Ahmad Hammoud

A brief insight into some really amazing videos and sounds from the past few years out of the small kingdom Bhutan in South Asia, compiled by Ed Linton, owner of the small internet record label Avant-Garbe Records.

Author: Ed Linton
Quote: Ed Linton
Design: Ahmad Hammoud
Photo: The Columbine Shoots
Sound: Kinda Hassan
Extra: Ed Linton

Beyond Voice

Norient Snap by Apollonia

With her new solo show artist Anna Raimondo is exploring the relational horizon of voice and its linguistic and political implications. An interview about her project, the idea of resonance and feminism.

Author: Lucia Farinati
Quote: Lucia Farinati
Design: Apollonia
Sound: Anna Raimondo
Remix: Dhaka Dub Hierarchy

Five Video Clips from Europe

Norient Snap by Arlene

Was ist Europa? Mitä on Eurooppa? Cos’è l’Europa? L’Europe c’est quoi? What is Europe? This is a good and confusing question. I actually have no idea anymore, so I started digging into popular music videos.

Author: Giacomo Bottà
Design: Arlene
Photo: Jeremy Segrott/Flickr
Sound: Anthem of Europe & Sleaford Mods
Remix: Philipp Rhensius